January Jones welcomes “Bullies Be Gone” expert Al Johnson!

January Jones welcomes “Bullies Be Gone” expert Al Johnson! 

Al Johnson, aka Alfredo Leon

Creator/Founder of the Bullies Be Gone! Project!TM

Meet Al Johnson – Educator, Poet, Vocalist, Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Vital Life Skills Trainer for Children & Teens, and Martial Arts Master

Al was born in Chicago, ILL, raised in Jonesboro, AK and Kansas City, MO, spent 3.5 years in the U.S. Navy.  He currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA.

Al experienced overt racial discrimination and segregation growing up, a true unpleasant form, as any other, of bullying. These experiences have contributed to Al’s creative talents, especially for 2 of his 7 completed poetry books, “Coming Together In Harmony” (Racial Harmony, Understanding & Tolerance) and Bullies Be Gone!TM

Al has received numerous poetry awards, and is featured in numerous anthologies.   Al has been writing and honing the craft of poetry, lyrical writing, and vocals for 30 years.  To date, he has completed 5 vocal and 2 instrumental music CDs.

Since 1985, Al has taught thousands of children and teens safety, awareness, self-confidence, and anti-bullying skills in California, via his Young, Alert, and Aware Program, now the Bullies Be Gone! Project!TM.

Al has taught Special Education at the secondary level for 25 years in Los Angeles County.  He holds a master’s defree in the subject.  Al is a Master of the Martial Arts, with 38 years experience.

These unique experiences make Al Johnson the number ONE expert in teaching effective and unique anti-bullying skills and techniques to older children, teens, and adults.