January Jones welcomes Jeannie Kerrigan with Ricky’s Revolution!

Welcome to Ricky’s Revolution Non-Profit

Organization Dedicated to Saving Lives

We are a 501(c)3 approved national outreach program developed to help runaway and homeless youth, victims of domestic violence, and victims of sexual abuse reach a place of safety as quickly as possible. “Ricky” is a small stuffed monkey embroidered with hotline contact numbers and given out free to shelters and to anyone alone on the streets. By providing information for safety and shelter options from national hotline numbers including rape crisis, runaway hotline, safe houses, and domestic violence hotline, we encourage, educate, and empower those who need direction and movement towards healing.

Our first Campaign to raise money for the birth of Ricky was a huge success!


We are building Shelter Teams in every state in the United States
and our Street Team is on the MOVE. 

Our Ricky is taking over the streets! Any streets where he can be tucked into the pocket or arm of any lost individual in the USA. The arms of Ricky give victims help and hope.

  • We give a tangible reminder that help is available.
  • Ricky is a source of safety information and a source of comfort that establishes trust between victims and professionals.
  • We bring awareness to the general population the issues of abuse, rape, runaway youth, the homeless and incest need attention now.

Our heartfelt thanks to all donors! We would especially like to thank the Putnam Foundation and Kate’s Women’s Fund with Santa Fe Community Foundation who gave generous donations matching our individual donors.

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

We are hitting the streets and going into shelters, giving hope and healing to the homeless, lost and abused.

Help us help those who need it the most! Click on image to go to the DONATE page today.


We invite you to read the entire story of Ricky as well as the breath-taking memoir of Jeannie Kerrigan’s life in the book LAYLA available for purchase at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble (BN.com)

Jeannie Kerrigan



Ricky’s Revolution – The Non-Profit

Ricky’s Revolution is a national outreach program developed to help runaway and homeless youth and victims of domestic violence by providing information for safety and shelter options from national hotline numbers including rape crisis, runaway hotline, safe houses, and 911. Ricky is a small monkey doll embroidered with these hotline contact numbers and distributed nationwide. Also an educational program, Ricky’s Revolution offers outreach education to the public through workshops and speaking engagements.

Ricky’s Revolution is a 501c3 approved non-profit organization.www.rickysrevolution.org




Jeannie reads an excerpt from LAYLA in support of Ricky’s Revolution, a non-profit organization designed to get any man, woman or child to safety immediately by distributing stuffed monkeys with emergency contact numbers embroidered on the arms and a pre-programed cellphone in the pocket. In the reading, Jeannie tells the story of an abduction and rape where she lost her own Ricky, the little stuffed monkey that brought her a sense of security and peace in a messed up world of incest, rape, death, and all the chaos that comes with homelessness. Jeannie speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves, as do the Ricky monkeys being circulated throughout the United States, and as does her incredible book, LAYLA.

Warning: This book and youtube video is NOT appropriate for children. It is graphic, raw, honest, and at times horrendous. You will find yourself wanting to put it down because it will stir up your own wounds and raw emotions. But you won’t put it down. What you will do is read it in one sitting. Die a death with Layla…and come in the light with Jeannie!



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