January Jones welcomes Jeffrey Briar with The Laughter Yoga Institute

 January Jones welcomes Jeffrey Briar
 Laughter Yoga Institute

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Laguna laughter clubLaughter Yoga is a unique, newly-developed practice of laughter as a form of exercise, free of the need for jokes or comedy.  Yogic breathing techniques are integrated with intentional laughter practices, resulting in numerous benefits to physical and emotional health (see box to left).  Participants live life more joyfully and are better able to cope with whatever stresses life may bring.

Laughter Yoga was created by Dr. Madan Kataria (a physician from India) with his wife Madhuri (a yoga teacher) in 1995.  The health benefits of heartfelt laughter are now available to everyone, at any time.

Workshops and Programs
for People, Leaders, and Business

The Laughter Yoga Institute offers state-of-the art training programs, workshops, seminars; and innovation and advancement in the field of therapeutic laughter.  

Our programs include seminars, workshops, and heart-opening Laughter Adventure programs to relieve stress, develop emotional intelligence, and bring a sense of celebration to life.   

The two-day intensive Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training program is authorized by the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.  Graduates of the program become  Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders.

Institute Director Jeffrey Briar offers the five-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training program.  Students master the ability to laugh as a solo practice, fluently create new laughter exercises, have deeper experiences with Laughter Meditation, Visualization and Yogic Breathing.  Graduates of the program become Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, trained and authorized to deliver 2-day Leader Trainings.

Laughter at work will improve communications, increase creativity, and reduce stress and accompanying illness.  Employees who enjoy coming to work are less likely to move on.  Custom programs are available, including the Laughter Exercise Coach certification training (for groups of facilitators) and LaughFit! – Laughter in the Workplace (program delivery and facilitator training).  Other innovative programs include The Laughter Cruise and Laughter Kirtan.

State-of-the-art videos, audio CDs, textbooks and manuals are available from The Laughter Yoga Institute Marketplace.

Laugh with Laguna Laughter Club

Laugh daily for health, fun and friendship by the ocean waves in Laguna Beach, California, with the Laguna Laughter Club.  See the Laguna Laughter Club Newsletter for more events.

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Discover Laughter Clubs in Southern California and see links to clubs worldwide.

About the Laughter Yoga Institute Founder Jeffrey Briar

Jeffrey Briar was a teacher of traditional yoga and an accomplished comedic actor for 35 years before embracing the world of Yogic/Therapeutic Laughter.   He is certified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher by Dr. Kataria and is a Master Trainer for the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.  He is also certified as a Laughter Leader by Steve Wilson and as a Laughing Meditation Teacher by Sarito Sun.  See media clips featuring Mr. Briar.

As Director of the Laughter Yoga Institute, Mr. Briar gives presentations and keynote speeches, oversees program development, delivers community and professional outreach programs, and provides and supervises laughter-leadership training.   Have Mr. Briar speak at your event.

Contact The Laughter Yoga Institute at info@LYInstitute.org