January Jones welcomes Julie Ostrow, The Laughing Champion!

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“The first time her laughter unfurled its wings in the wind, we knew that the world would never be the same.” -Brian Andreas

The mission of Find The Funny Enterprises is to facilitate laughter in people’s lives and act as the catalyst for rediscovering joy and recapturingcreativity and childlike playfulness.

Find The Funny Enterprises was founded in 2001 by Julie Ostrow, The Comedic Catalyst.  Julie is trained in improvisational acting at The Second City in Chicago, is a certified laughter yoga leader, and has more than 15 years of public speaking and marketing experience.

Julie conducts humor, laughter, and communication presentations and workshops for healthcare organizationsassociations, and corporations.  In addition, she teaches public speaking and improvisation to youth and adults and performs comedy and improvisation for a variety of events.

Julie shares her wit and wisdom gained from her life experiences including her background as a mentor with OMNI Youth Services in Buffalo Grove, IL and as a grief support volunteer at The Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital’s Heartlight program, a bereavement support center for children and their families.  Julie has also gained tremendous insight from growing up in a large family and from her life in the corporate world as a marketing professional.

Julie’s enthusiasm and passionate spirit, combined with her comedic insight, help to make her a warm and engaging speaker. In every performance and situation, Julie shares her humor and personal insights from her “woopsies” and “way-to-go’s.” Her personal motto, “find the funny,” helps her to find humor in everyday moments and in life’s seemingly most difficult situations.