January Jones welcomes Kellie Frazier, NDE!

January Jones welcomes

Kellie Frazier, NDE!



Kellie Frazier is a devoted wife of 30+ years to her high school sweetheart, Jon Frazier.  Her greatest joys and challenges have included raising 3 adults and mentoring many other kids along the way.  Kellie Founded Connecting LLC in 2005, and Connecting LLC Publications in 2011. Connecting is a leadership development company, connecting both logic and compassion, and is operated out of South Carolina.

The nick name ‘America’s Connecting Coach’ came from friends who saw how easy it was for Kellie to connect people to love, leadership and to each other.

Kellie is a public speaker, best selling author, certified trainer and has written and published hundreds of articles for ezines and magazines. Kellie has been featured on CBS/CNN Radio, Motivational Radio, Baby Boomers Radio, MomPreneurs Radio and many more.  She has authored best selling books such as, “Connecting Faith, Hope and Love”, and “God’s Miracles” while contributing to numerous other books such as “Careers from the Kitchen Table” featuring world renowned thought leaders.  Kellie believes her life is what it is today because of her faith in God.

One of Kellie’s greatest honor was the dedication of a school for needy children in Masaka, Uganda.  The school was named after her by the women of the village who teach and feed the children.

Kellie is deeply inspired by men and women who navigate life with a head and heart connection, and who believe that LOVE  truly is what matters most.


The following Interview gives you more insight into Kellie’s work, both past and present.


Interviewer: How did Connecting get started?

Kellie: What Connecting looks like now is much different than how it first began.  People would literally walk through my door with divorce papers in their hands on Monday, and by Friday they would be feeling totally connected and emotionally in love again. It sounds far-fetched but it’s totally true. Word spread that I did this work and they would come from all over the world to see me.  I would listened to their stories and love them where they were at.  I would accept them, pray with them, hear their pain, help them connect emotionally to God, to themselves, their spouses, children, employees, whomever they wanted to connect with.

I worked with couples, singles, kids, pastors, businessmen and women and even state or religious leaders.  I did this for 3 years for free and now I earn top dollar because it is my area of expertise.  Not only that, but God has been very good to me.


Interviewer:  Did you say 3 years for free?!

Kellie: That’s right. (smiling) I wanted people to feel healed more than I wanted money at that time in my life, and that hasn’t really changed.  I also knew I could learn from every single person I worked with and I wanted to know what it took to be one of the BEST in my field as a coach and facilitator.  I knew I couldn’t pay for this kind of training anywhere in the world.  It took sacrifice and hard work, but it was completely worth it as I make lots of money now just from sharing my knowledge.

I hear God speak to my spirit every day. Over the years I’ve heard him saying, “Feed my sheep.” over and over again.  This use to be something I struggled with in the past. Today however, I’ve come to understand that hearing God so clearly is about trust, and believing, that anyone could hear that still small voice if they really listened and believed.  Connecting is still evolving, but I see it more clearly now that we are to feed people the words that God places in our hearts.  To serve others, to allow abundance to flow freely, whether that’s financial abundance or relational abundance it’s all from God. We need to recognize where those blessings come from.


Interviewer: Was it a near death experience that allowed you to hear God?

Kellie: No. I was very much alive, but I did question if I had died at first.  Oprah interviewed a man named Eben Alexander who was a neurosurgeon who didn’t believe in Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) until he ended up brain dead from an illness called meningitis.  His experiences, while being brain dead, where very similar to many experiences I’ve had without dying or being brain dead. I did have a TBI, (traumatic brain injury) so it made me question if what I was seeing or hearing was real at first, but like I said, I’ve heard this voice since I was young.


Interviewer: What is Connecting about today then?

Kellie: Connecting has grown into something much larger than I could have expected.  We still serve people from around the globe, but in a much different capacity. Not only do I serve as a volunteer, sitting with people who are dying until they make that transition, or working for our disaster relief team, but I’m also someone who LOVES to hear success stories.  I’ve interviewed leaders from around the globe on how they succeeded, and its amazing how many of them can hear God.  Many won’t admit on air, or during an interview, but I’m no longer going to hide it.


I’m now a speaker, an author of several books that inspire healing and restoration.  I focus most of my attention on spiritual heart-centered people who want to make a difference in the world and who understand that its ‘okay’ to create an income while doing it.  I believe heart-centered entrepreneurs will continue to change the world with their creative and innovative ideas that are often divinely inspired.


Interviewer: Change the world? How so?

Kellie: They don’t allow others to influence them in negative ways, they are often filled with God’s spirit and they give from their hearts in service while generating wealth from their serving. They aren’t always tied to labels or religious legalism, and they know that life is about learning to become love, to be a generous giver as well as a generous receiver. It’s important to God that we ALL thrive in every way and entrepreneurs usually believe that anything is possible.  Serving, while investing everything we are, will always be important to us. That’s why I think we’ll change parts of the world together.