January Jones welcomes Len Mooney, Adventures in Single Parenting!”

January Jones welcomes

Len Mooney,

“Adventures in Single Parenting!”

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Len grew up in Pittsburgh PA and went to college at the University of Pittsburgh.  He was trained as an electronics engineer and was working at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Livermore Ca. when his two children came to live with him.  They were in early grade school. His children lived with him for 14 years.  He quit his job and began working from home.  During that time he developed the skills necessary to provide the time freedom and lifestyle he wanted for himself and his two children. Len currently snow skies in Kirkwood Meadows in the winter and splits his time in the summer between San Diego and Mexico. He is a published author and internet and network marketer.  The book, “Adventures in Single Parenting” is the story of the journey he took with his two children.

Len characterizes “Adventures in Single Parenting” as the book he wishes he could have read before the children came to live with him.  It is full of good practical advice written with subtle humor but dives into very important topics relevant to all parents, especially single parents.

In addition, there is a companion “Journal for Single Parents” so parents can record their thoughts, triumphs and frustrations.

Finally there is a growing series of shorter, Kindle only, books on specific topics.  The 1st is, “Teens and Sex, an Adventures in Single Parenting Book”.  The 2nd book, “Teens, Alcohol and Drugs, An Adventures in Single Parenting Book” is due to be published shortly.  There are several companion books planned in the near future.