January Jones welcomes Mari Mitchell-Porter

“Diary of a Hopeless Romantic”

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Book Description

After six years in a relationship that takes her from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of misery, Natalie, heartbroken and with barely a shred of self-esteem, leaves her lover. She soon meets her next obsession and enters into an equally frustrating and unfulfilling relationship. When her new lover disappears, Natalie wonders what’s wrong with her that she keeps getting involved with men who don’t love or appreciate her. Her sense of humor and determination to find the perfect man, take her through hilarious dating scenarios and a journey of self-discovery

    About the Author

Mari Mitchell Porter is a relationship coach, life coach, author and speaker. She lives in South Florida with her husband, son and daughters. Her passion is working with people to bring love and fulfillment into their lives through coaching, writing and inspirational material. If you are looking for support,encouragement and guidance in your life, you may contact Mari for a complimentary initial consultation.

  The sky is not the limit. There is NO Limit”
–  Mari Mitchell Porter
 Are you looking for that special someone….

Do you know you deserve better ….

Are you ready to take charge of your own life….

I’ve had great results with clients in the following areas: finding healthy and fulfilling relationships, increasing joy, achieving fulfillment, getting out of unhealthy relationships, increasing self-esteem, healing from heartbreak, learning assertiveness, setting priorities and meeting goals, reducing stress, increasing energy, and much more.                                       

  • If you yearn for joyful and fulfilling relationships
  • If you know it’s time to follow your passion
  • If you’re ready for more in your life

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