January Jones welcomes Susie McEntire!

January Jones

welcomes Susie McEntire!

Susie MacEntire

Susie McEntire-Eaton, (www.susiemcentire.com) another prodigy of the legendary McEntire singing and rodeo family.  Like her brother Pake and sister Reba, Susie began singing in the back seat of the McEntire’s car.  To pass the time, mother Jac taught them harmonies to fill the long hours in the car hustling from one arena to the next. The fruit of that was “The Singing McEntires”. 

From 1980 – 1982 Susie toured with Reba until Susie she her family.  In 1984, out of a deep personal spiritual journey, Susie moved to singing and recording Christian music.  She quickly signed with a recording label and as her music climbed the charts and she garnered awards.  As a pioneer of the Positive Country movement, Susie blended her Christian faith into  country music. 


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