Kristina Johnson, founder of You Can Do It Diva, on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune in Monday, May 12th, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET to The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on W4CY Radio as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Kristina Johnson, a public speaker, a powerful coach, and a charismatic leader!

Kristina considers herself a voice to the voiceless. She embarked on this journey over a decade ago in a clinical setting and decided to step up her game and began impacting lives on a larger scale in order to reach a broader audience. She delivers a powerful message of empowerment, service, gratitude, and possibility.

Through her own personal journey, Kristina realized her ability and the possibility to change lives was infinite. She has a bold voice she has used to advocate for the rights of those that otherwise would go unheard or unseen due to age, maturity, disability, social, educational or economical status, or because of life status and/or choice. She has shown and continuous to show love and support to those who may be considered broken, damaged, or unlovable and definitely for those who want to step out of their box and up their game.

It is Kristina’s mission to empower women through coaching and sharing valuable and inspirational content on her website and in live event environments.Women have so many amazing qualities that on an individual basis go unnoticed all too often. Women are strong, brilliant, beautiful, loving, giving, creative, empathetic, not to mention full of life, fun, sassy, sexy, and fierce. Women can be tough as nails or gentle and tenderhearted; and, most importantly, women are powerful beyond measure. Kristina loves working with women because she knows women truly could rule the world when they are living fully present, rocking their confidence and standing boldly in their femininity. Today more than ever the world is a woman’s canvas and she can create anything she makes her mind up to do. Kristina believes women are unstoppable! She empowers women to break free from the beliefs that keep them from their full power and unleash a fierceness that allows them to soar to unreachable heights. She knows women are powerful and filled with dreams of possibility that when mixed with heart, relentless determination, creativity and charisma can change the world.

In honor of all the amazing women that have entered Kristina’s life for a moment or a lifetime and are continuing on the path to greater fulfillment, she created a movement called the “YouCanDoItDIVA” (YCDID) movement.  She believes within all of us is the courage, the audacity and the ability to never give up- No Matter What!  Kristina calls this the C.A.N. method. She helps woman who are stuck and have lost their oomph commonly due to abuse, limiting beliefs, low esteem, low self worth and confidence, which is ultimately inhibiting them from stepping out of their box and truly living their life purpose. She shows women how to create a life filled with incredible grace, sexiness, and unstoppable magnetism; thus allowing women to open up and truly live a life filled with more confidence, love, wealth, and abundant success. The YCDID movement is to live with purpose through creating a sisterhood among women around the world filled with more awareness, confidence, support, and love with core emphasis on giving back and paying it forward in order to create positive change in the world.


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