Life Purpose?!

One of the biggest questions I get in my practice is “What is my life purpose?”. This is a question with a multitude of answers. First let’s define life purpose. Life purpose is the idea that each person on the planet has a reason or purpose for being here. What I find often happens is that people feel it needs to be some grandiose idea. I find in my readings for them though that it can be as simple as being a good mom or dad. What does that mean then? To find something that you love to do and make the time to do it. When you are happy at what you are doing you send off waves of good vibrations that not only lift your spirit but lift the spirits of those around you. We all know what it is like to be with a Debbie Downer who brings everyone down well the reverse is true and your life purpose could be to live the happiest life possible.

As we enter 2017, it is a good time to look at where we are in our careers. Are we happy with what we are doing? Do we feel respected and appreciated? In our parents’ time it was all about work versus play. Work being what you did to earn a living play doing what you enjoyed doing. Time has taught us that we can be happy and should be happy at our work. Joy in the workplace and feeling good each time you go into work  should be a goal. Take some time now to examine your life and where  you can infuse it with more of what makes your heart sing. It will be well worth the effort and no better life purpose!

Tuesday, January 5, 7:00 PM EST we will be talking Life Purpose on The Night Shift with Susan Dintino. Join me as I do mini readings and get you some answers about your life purpose.

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