Living Your Life in Balance Beyond Belief, with Camille Mancuso Michaels on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune in Tuesday, November 26th, 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET to The Nancy Ferrari Show as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Camille Mancuso Michaels, a Psychological Kinesiologist, Emotional Body Specialist, Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Certified NLP Therapist, Naturally Gifted Intuitive Healer, Angelic Communicator, Dedicated for over 24 years in assisting others through combinations of Scientific and Natural Techniques that work quickly and effectively in all areas of one’s life.
Camille Mancuso Michaels, Founder of Balance Beyond Belief, knew from a young age she was here to assist others and move them in many positive directions in their lives. She has spent the last 24 years studying with the finest Psychologist, Psychiatrists as well as many master spiritual teachers abroad to understand the hidden mysteries to life and the subconscious mind. After deep understanding she created a combination of healing modalities knowing that what heals one person does not necessarily heal another. She also brings with her many spiritual gifts given to her at birth. As a small child and to this day Camille sees, hears and is guided by the Heavenly Angels, which she feels so blessed as she shares this gift of amazing grace that comes through in sessions, for maximum healing and balancing for others in their lives, bringing them into a New Way of Living and Loving !
Camille latest two books to be released are “Unzip Yourself” and “Breaking free from the Past” and for the children, she has written a trilogy of books called “Angel Heart Adventures”, which is a “Heart Project” which she has so much love, passion and sheer determination in assisting the children on the planet into learning non bullying, non-violence, peaceable communication with love, kindness and respect for one another no matter what the differences are. Angel Heart, is a fun loving delightful Angel that care deeply for the betterment of the world. Each book is filled with exciting adventures that will delight your children’s Imagination. This is something she loves to do with the children and adults is to bring Heaven to Earth. 
Camille has had thousands of sessions with people all over the world, with workshops, skype sessions, one on one personal appointment, and speaking engagements.
Camille knows this is her mission on the planet into moving others on to greater Healing and Successes in there lives.
She wishes everyone an illuminated path that shines brightly!

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