Love or Fear?

I believe that no matter what challenges we face in life we come from a place of love or fear. We can approach a situation with compassion, kindness or empathy or we can go to anger, jealousy, or hate. Regardless which of these reactions that we experience they are rooted in love or fear.
I will give you a scenario to consider. Say that John has a sibling that is needy and full of drama with a train wreck of a life. His parents always seem to cater to his needs and there are times John feels slighted.  John feels that his sibling is preferred over him. He gets angry and resentful believing that his parents love his sibling more than him. John begins to act out at work becoming surly and difficult to work with. Every time he thinks about his sibling he gets mad. In this example, John is coming from a place of fear and believes that love is being taken from him. That there is not enough love for him and his sibling.
On the flip side John could approach this situation coming from a place of love.  He looks at his own life and realizes all the blessings he has. A wife who loves him, a good job, and two lovely children. John understands his sibling does not have this and feels compassion for his sibling. Having children of his own he can understand why his parents behave the way they do. John may not agree with their actions but with empathy he can understand them. It takes nothing away from him. John realizes there is plenty of love to go around and believing this he sees the world in a much more loving way and approaches the people in his life from that vantage point.
Einstein said that The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”  In essence saying it is all about love or fear. The next time you are in a situation and feel a reaction coming up ask yourself this question? “Am I coming from a place of love or fear.” It can really help your make a conscious next step and when you choose love as your go to reaction your life will be more of the life you would like to live. 

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