Master the Art of Communicating Value with Leadership Coach, A.M. Williams on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Nancy Ferrari invites you to tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on Monday, January 18th, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET on and as her featured guest is ~

Coach A.M. Williams, who empowers professionals across the world to develop their leadership ability by mastering the art of communicating value. After being diagnosed paraplegic, A.M. was forced to give up a productive career in the banking industry and pursue the world of entrepreneurship. As a personal financial analyst, he provided asset protection products to clients, while helping them eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in consumer debt. He also built sales teams and received several prestigious awards for his performance as well as company recognition for his leadership.

Having worked as a business professional and an entrepreneur, A.M. discovered his gift of motivating confidence to help inspire others to increase their value by stepping into leadership roles. Shortly after, he began to deliver speeches and keynote addresses to business students and business professionals in the local region. He also became a Certified Life Coach in NLP and worked with entrepreneurs, professionals, and even music recording artist to help them increase their influence by developing their ability to communicate value at higher levels.

Now, having coached clients for over a decade, A.M. has committed himself to motivating professionals to go beyond success and maximize their leadership potential. He has become the Ringleader of growth potential among professionals. As an author, leadership coach, and online radio host, Coach A.M. Williams has inspired business professionals all across North America, Europe, and Asia. His ebook “Master the Art of Communicating Value” addresses key essentials that help improve your value perception in the marketplace. He has also written articles for African American Career World and Careers and The Disabled.



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