Michaela Paige of Talk 4 Media and NBC’s The Voice tells us about The Florida Renaissance Festival

renfestcoverFrom the moment you step out of your car, you’re transported back to a simpler time. You’re immersed from the ambiance of Quiet Waters Park itself and the décor set up by the festival, topped off by the dress and the all around characteristics of both the attendees and the employees. Not once in two weeks did I hear or see an employee break character…or voicing. It seems the employees must have been sent back in time, or transported from Medieval times to portray their roles so well and so consistently. Every show was overflowing with talent, from the Brun Show to the Washing Well Wenches, and every moment engaged you and left you in awe. The vendors are a show in themselves! This festival has hidden talent and surprises around every corner. Not only do you attend this festival, you become part of the festival. The genius of themed weekends leaves you wanting to come back again and again, as every day is a different story. The South Florida Renfest is an experience to last a lifetime, an opportunity to meet lots of new people, and engage in a plethora of different and unique experiences.

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