Michaela Paige, The Pipeman, and RenFest

Two more successful weekends at Deerfield Beach’s Renaissance Festival! As the weekends progress, the shows get more interactive, the actors get raunchier, and the costumes get better and better! I hold my standards high and find the same shows provoking the same reactions time and time again!

My question is where did they find these people? Every single detail engulfs you in another time completely, from the wardrobe to the speech patterns and accents. What else impressed me was the constant sightings of the King, Queen, and royal court. They were warm and inviting, interacting with fair-goers warmly and welcomingly. The staff is always cheerful and warm, and the consistency of this is rare and greatly appreciated! 

A few new shows were added, including Cirque de Sewer and Buckle & Swash, and both failed to disappoint! W4CY also caught up with a hidden gem, Arthur Greenleaf, who left me speechless in delight, as I’m sure many others!

This festival continues to reassure me it’s magical for children AND adults alike! Another hidden delight happens to be the mead tent, where you can sample an array of meads and wines alike, all unique to the Renfest! Stop and see the Pickle Guy, but take precaution! His sexual innuendos will have you rolling on the floor laughing!

This go-around, my favorite new delight happened to be the glass blowers. This exhibit re-instills the unique qualities of this festival and time alike. Every booth is an experience in itself, so stop and see them all! I have yet to be disappointed in even the smallest entity here, and with one weekend left (and a vast array of costume pieces I’ve gathered over the weekends) I’m left wishing the Deerfield Beach Renaissance Festival was a permanent entity here.