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How many of you are ticked about the sale of Annie’s Homegrown to General Mills? Do you think big companies are maintaining the integrity of food, or are they diluting the nutrients to make more money? Why can’t they use their big R&D bucks to make healthy food for kids, for your family? Non-GMO, how important is it to look for this on a label? Soon Paleo is about to be the “in” thing. How many more ways can there be to feed your family? Do message switch-outs make you crazy: first yes to egg with yolks, then just egg whites, to yes to eggs again. Butter, now it’s back to yes. Who can you trust for food truths? What food issues irk you so much you will call in and share them with us? This is your forum to clear the air. Call: 561-422-4365, join our Chat Rooms on radio sites (below) or message with Co-Host Carolina (Kid Kritics Approved) on Facebook/Kid Kritics or @kidkritics.

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