Negativity is Not Welcome Here!

A few years ago my youngest daughter faced a devastating disease. Her diagnosis was dire and each day she literally fought for her life. Being a strong believer in the work of Louise Hay and her book Heal Your Life, I pulled out all the stops in keeping her room as full of positive reinforcements as I could. Her sisters and I created affirmation posters for her that said ” I am healed in all directions of time and space.”  We kept in mind that when you are creating an affirmation you always do it in the present tense and make a statement of fact. Even though it may not be your reality at the present moment you get to the feeling place that it is. The belief being that this positive energy will attract the outcome that you are looking for. We also posted pictures of her doing the things she loved and some of the places she had traveled to. One obstacle I encountered in all this was some of the doctors that insisted on coming in and being full of worse case scenarios.  One such doctor literally made me cringe each time he came into the room. One day we had gotten some really good news. The medications were working and my daughter was improving. Dr. Negative came into the room and said “This is good news but..” I stopped him right there. I said there will be no “buts” today. With that I asked to talk to him outside the room. I explained that I felt his negative comments adversely impacted my daughter’s healing progress. If he insisted on his information being delivered “realistically” I asked that he step out of the room and deliver it to me or my husband. I was proud of myself for stepping into my power and speaking my truth. I almost felt the room release a sigh of relief knowing it could continue to assist us with working on her healing.
What brought all this to mind was a Facebook post of one of my friends in a similar situation. Her husband was in ICU showing significant progress and a doctor who felt he had to be “realistic” gave some of his less than positive comments. My friend’s husband immediately felt deflated and began to be concerned. All the positive information he had been given that day was washed away by this doctor who showed lack of compassion in how he delivered his information.
I think there are a few take aways from all this. First of all in any health challenge situation you are in charge of your well being. Or you family members if need be. They can express their feelings to the doctor and have those feelings respected. When you or someone you know is in a healing situation remember the importance of positive vibrations and how this can be as effective as medicine in treating what ails you. Create affirmations and when you are sending prayers to these people always remember to visualize them perfectly healthy, whole and complete. Many of our health facilities are starting to realize the importance of the mind, body, spirit connection. You are your best advocate and remember if any health care provider is not aware of keeping things positive feel free to remind him or her..Negativity is Not Welcome Here!

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