Nenad Paunovic Energizes the World

This past week, Nenad Paunovic of Serbia shared some incredible insight on how the world can dramatically address energy challenges for the future.

Nenad Paunovic is changing the landscape of energy through his innovative inventions.
Nenad Paunovic is changing the landscape of energy through his innovative inventions.

Several of our listeners wanted to engage in further conversation with Nenad through follow-up questions:

1. Listener: Where did Nenad come up with his ideas to create inventions that would make energy around the world more sustainable?

Nenad: I came up with the basic idea of a small hydro turbine in 2006 (it literally crossed my mind as I was sitting and thinking), but as years passed, that basic idea grew to become the Vetar wind turbine, as well as other inventions like the Mobile Underwater Platform. Of course, it is very significant that we received cutting edge CAD and simulations software from Autodesk, which made it possible to shape and test our ideas. Every idea needs a means to grow and become as great as possible.

2. Listener: Can these inventions help all people everywhere?

Nenad: Of course! That is the main goal behind all of our projects. They can help directly and indirectly. They help directly by providing clean energy to users of our innovations (products) and indirectly by helping to completely replace one obsolete and in essence evil, fossil fuel based, energetic, economical and sociological model with a new progressive, fair and clean/abundant renewable energy. 

3. Listener: Will these inventions be more cost effective than solar?

Nenad: That will depend on the production scale of our products (the more produced, the lower the prices) and also the production processes/technologies of solar energy conversion. Even now, with a very small production process, our inventions are cheaper than some solar technologies. But, overall, that is not the main problem here…the main problem to solve is to provide urban safe wind energy technologies with meaningful power output (10 kW or more), because conventional wind turbines of the same power output cannot be safely used in urban environments. In addition, some places have greater wind potential than solar, so why not use that energy?

4. Listener: Can anyone get these products?

Nenad: Yes, anyone can get our products. Just search for “Poduhvat” or “Vetar Wind Turbines” on the internet and you will reach two of our websites ( or where you can find all the information that you need.

5. Listener: How much will this all come in price wise and when will it be available to the public?

Nenad: How much it will come in price wise will depend on the number of units ordered – the higher the number of ordered units, the higher the discount will be. The maximum discount can be as much as 30% lower than the original price. You can find how this all works at


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