Oracle Cards An Intuitive Tool

Every week on The Night Shift I pull an oracle card and give a brief reading to all my listeners. I have briefly explained what oracle cards are but on this weeks show I am going to go into more detail. As a psychic these cards are a tool that I use to get information for my client. I also teach workshops on how people can use these cards to get their own intuitive information. There are a multitude of decks available and unlike Tarot cards where a certain knowledge is necessary anyone can select a deck that appeals to them and get useful information the first time around. Just about all decks come with a guide book that will instruct the user how to clean and cleanse the deck. Different spreads, which are arrangements of the selection for cards, that will assist you in getting the answers you are looking for are also included.

I am often asked “Which is the best deck for me?”  I feel that there is no definite deck that is right or wrong. At the new age store I give readings, The Mystical Moon in Ft Myers, the owner makes it a point to have demos available of all her decks so a customer can go in and really get a feel of the images and how the particular deck relates to them. They can then base their decision on this. Check out a new age store in your neighborhood where that may be an option. If something like this is not an option you can go to a website like Amazon and search oracle cards (it will help if you have a certain topic such as animals to limit the choices) read the descriptions and trust that you will be drawn to the best deck for you.

The oracle decks I have cover a range of topics from angels, to fairies, to goddesses and the list goes on and on. When I am doing a reading I intuitively select the decks I feel will best serve the client I am reading. Each week for my radio show I ask for a sign of what deck to use. Let me give you an example of how I selected this evening’s deck.

On my walk today I saw butterflies everywhere. All different colors and types, large and small. I knew this was a sign for me so I started considering what this may mean. After the fifth one showed up it dawned on me. I am supposed to pull a card from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes deck by Doreen Virtue this evening. The box cover is pictured here. Since I believe butterflies signify many messages for us from our own transformation to a deceased love one reaching out I felt this was a spot on hit for the deck I will use this evening. I will be pulling a card for all of you from this deck and then do individual readings throughout the hour. Join me Tuesday, August 23 at 7:00 PM Eastern and if you can’t make it listen to the replay on iHeart radio link listed below.

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