I am often asked how long I have had the gift of being psychic. I respond that I was not born with a veil or cognitive knowing. It was something that I developed over time. It was actually in 2000 that I truly started exploring intuition and using it constructively for myself and others. Now I do readings for people helping them get information that will best assist them on their path. At times deceased loved ones come in as well with some good advice. Doing this seemed strange to me at first and I must admit it took a leap of faith to put myself out there. “What if I am wrong?” I would think. But I soon realized that it wasn’t so much about being right or wrong but more about being of service. Allowing the information to come through me and for the most part getting out of the way. I was just the conduit. The messages came from a higher power than mine.

Intuitive information can come in 4 major ways:

  • Clairsentience  you get a feeling about something
  • Clairvoyance you see something that is not physically there either in your mind’s eye or actually see something
  • Clairaudience you hear something not physically there
  • Claircognizence you know something with no logical reason why

Any of these can fall under the category of intuition and all of us can perfect these talents. Tuesday,  1/24 on The Night Shift with Susan Dintino we will explore these. I also will be doing mini readings. Join us won’t you?

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