Alise Cortez, Phd

Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Published Author, Radio Show Host, Development/Engagement Catalyst

Alise Cortez and Associates

Dr. Alise Cortez is a Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Published Author, Radio Show Host, and Development/Engagement Catalyst based in Dallas, Texas. Having developed her expertise within in the Human Capital industry over the last 20 years, today she is focused on helping people across the globe more meaningfully and productively connect with their work to achieve greater fulfillment, more impactful results, and meaningful work-life integration. She is a sought-after speaker, and consults with organizations and conducts workshops to increase employee engagement, performance, and leadership effectiveness.

Alise earned a PhD in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University.  Fascinated with how people choose, experience, and navigate their careers, she focused her dissertation on meaning in work and its relationship to personal identity. Later greatly expanding on this research across 20 professions among men and women aged 18-74, she discovered 15 Modes of Engagement which represent a diverse spectrum from living in existential crisis at work toward living one’s purpose and ultimately transcending spiritual connection. She is currently writing the results of this research into a book.

Alise is also a college Professor of Psychology, Communication, and Career at Southern Methodist University. Certified in Gallup’s Strengths Finder and Lumina Spark, she uses these assessments in her leadership coaching practice. She has lived in Spain and Brazil, traveled extensively across Western Europe, South America, and some of Asia, speaks Spanish and Portuguese conversationally, and has some navigational ability in Italian and French. Along with being an American, Alise considers herself a citizen of the planet, revels in travel across the globe, and feels privileged to serve speaking and consulting audiences across the world. She is also a mother to a 14-year old daughter and has served in various community service leadership roles in East Dallas. All these aspects inform Alise’s identity and how she seeks to integrate the work she does with her overall life, while helping others to do the same.

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