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ZC5R9741-1Nancy Addison delivers the right recipe for healthy bodies and minds through a personal journey of discovery of what nourishes every cell, tissue, organ, and thought. Audiences are invigorated by her charismatic approach to eating healthy as they gain a real understanding that what we eat is, truly, who we are. Nancy’s clients have reversed medical conditions, lost weight, and learned how to eat energizing, healthy, fresh food.

  • Author of “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”
  • Co – Author of “Alive and Cooking”
  • Food, Health and Recipe Columnist for Celebration Magazine

Nancy is well-versed in the art of health and nutrition, having studied with world renowned Doctors and nutritionists as well as having received certification from various Institutes and Universities including:

  • Certified Health Counselor by Columbia University Teachers College
  • Graduate and Certified Health Counselor of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Board Certified Health Practitioner with The American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • Certified by Cornell University in Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Certified for Basic Intensive in Health-Supportive Cooking at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health in NYC
  • Certified Raw Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher
  • Studied Mediterranean Cooking in Syros, Greece with Australasian College of Health & Sciences
  • Studied with Natalia Rose in Detoxification
  • Studied Conscious Organic Farming and Raw Food Cuisine at the Tree of Life
  • Graduate of Hollins College
  • Studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in London, England
  • Studied Chinese Gastronomy, London, England
  • Psychosomatic Therapy Certified Practitioner with the Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Larry Hagman’s Personal Chef and Nutritional Consultant

Before becoming a professional speaker and health counselor, Nancy experienced a penicillin overdose at a young age that demanded numerous blood transfusion and bone marrow tests, leaving her with acute anemia. Craving sugar for energy, she came very close to becoming diabetic and gained 50 extra unhealthful pounds while pregnant. She began to research all she could on health, nutrition and self-healing. Nancy adjusted her stressful lifestyle and food choices.

Nancy now commits her practice to exposing and educating audiences and clients on the effects of toxins found in our daily environment and eating healthier to stay younger looking and have a more energetic, optimum lifestyle. Nancy is a regular speaker at Parker University and teaches on the healting diet, which helps anyone who wants to heal the body but is directly addresses:  diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Her two books are endorsed by world-renowned doctors.

Nancy walks her talk, living a balanced life: mind, body, and spirit. “I love working with people who have that ah-ha moment, realizing their health is their greatest asset. It’s exhilarating to assist my clients in developing wellness, balance, and harmony in all aspects of their lives.” Always enthusiastic about helping others achieve a vibrant, sustainable, healthful way of living, Nancy teaches healthful living, cooking, and raw food cuisine preparation, as well as organic gardening.

Nancy also does a variety of charity work.

_MG_6027 copyAt this time, Nancy is the Associate Program Director for the non -profit Greater Caribbean Energy and Environment Foundation of Texas. Nancy is helping to implement education programs in school that teach about environmental sustainability of the oceans, plant and fish life  ecosystems.  Nancy is helping to raise money for restoring the coastal areas of the world. They are starting with Texas coasts. President, Dr. Anitra Thorhaug, who teaches at Yale Univeristy and is known to be the greatest sea grass expert today,  has implemented the most successful sea grass restoration /gardening work to date. Nancy wants to help save the oceans. They are in such a decimated condition.These grass restoration projects will help with the global climate by taking carbon out of the air.  Contact Nancy if you are interested in working or helping with this project.


My Philosophy

My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at all the areas of your life and how they are connected. Are you or someone you love dealing with stress, compulsive eating, health problems, confusion about food choices (a food hell) ? Then I will work on inspiring and illuminating a path to peace and wellness.

Through my own journey of working to heal my own body from acute anemia (as a result of an overdose of penicillin), hypoglycemia, double carpal tunnel syndrome, severe headaches, acid indigestion, severe weight problems and scoliosis; I have found and experienced some things that really work to heal the body. I have found I have a true gift for helping others overcome health challenges and make incredible strides in their health and their life. As your wellness guide and mentor, I will guide you take the steps necessary to nurture your body, heal your spirit, and have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

When I work with a client, I help them to regain, restore and maintain their health by illuminating their path, giving them the tools and supporting them to make the best food choices, cooking or non cooking food preparation methods and as well as balanced lifestyle choices.

My approach is heartfelt and individualized, and hopefully it will speak to yours.


The concept of is that no one diet works for everyone. Everyone is different. We all have different environments, health history, blood types, heritage, allergies and age. I work with everyone, taking into account their own individual set of circumstances. My college client, who has trouble with staying thin and binge eating, will have a different program than my male client in his 50″s, who has high blood pressure and heart disease or my middle aged woman going through menopause. One person’s food is another person’s poison. Working with unique needs, lifestyle, personal preferences, and background, I will help you set goals, make a plan of action, take those steps to make your life healthier and happier.

Everything is Food

Food is just one component that nourishes our body. We need to have balance in all aspects of our life. That means that I work in a holistic way. If someone is eating really well, but is not handling stress well; then their health can be truly compromised. So, ,I work on helping you find balance in your life and finding out what truly nourishes you and your spirit. As a psychosomatic practitioner, I can help you find the ways that feelings and circumstances are working in your health. I can do a body mind analysis, face reading and body reading.


My Mission

I illuminate your path to an organic healthy lifestyle, through conscious living with a healthier diet and balance in other areas of your life.


  • My life is devoted in service to God.
  • Total integrity, absolute commitment to quality.
  • Respect for the Earth and all who inhabit our precious planet.

My Commitment:

  • To provide clients with exceptional quality of service and products.
  • I have a commitment to service, integrity, and try to harm no one and benefit all.
  • To support sustainable agriculture.



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