Resurrection and Rebirth

It is the day after Easter and for many of us Easter represents the promise of resurrection. What does that word mean to you? To me it is all about rebirth, new beginnings and releasing the old. A good day to examine your life, where you have been and where you would like to go. Are there beliefs that no longer serve you? Maybe a good time to examine those beliefs and decide if they are in your best interest. Try this simple exercise:

  1. Give yourself about 30 minutes in a place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Get a piece of paper and pen.
  3. Close your eyes and focus on an issue in your life that you are dealing with.
  4. Open your eyes and without censoring yourself at all ask yourself why this situation is bothering you.
  5. Write down your answer.
  6. Then ask yourself why again.
  7. Write down your answer.
  8. Continue this process until you reach the belief that is standing in your way from having the outcome you desire.
  9. Then create an affirmation to counter the limiting belief.
  10. This process will often take you to a point where a belief like “Money is hard to come by” will surface by beginning
    with a concern as to how you are going to pay your bills. The affirmation you would create would be “Money comes easily to me and
    I can pay my bills effortlessly.

This week on The Night Shift we will talk about Resurrection and Rebirth. Won’t you join me? Tuesday, 7:00 PM Eastern