Revolutionize how you Buy and Sell Your Home on The Nancy Ferrari Show

The Nancy Ferrari Show, airing live on May 20, 2013, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET will focus on living life on purpose, within our true calling and my guest this morning is one who exemplifies all that and more.   Damon Harmon is passionate about each and
every venture he has immersed himself in, as early as 21 years old when he
directed his first tv commercial and sold his first tv show when he was only 24
years old.  As he refers to himself as a serial entrepreneur, and I’d like to say, he’s an entrepreneur extraordinare, Damon is here to share how life created a shift
from a lucrative career in the film industry as he listened to the call of living on purpose.

As CEO and co-founder of REV, a real estate videography company, Damon applies his techniques and business acumen to his new company which truly is needed in today’s real estate market.   Damon lives here in Los Angeles with his lovely wife and 3 year old son Oliver.


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