Summer Solstice/ Strawberry Full Moon

The summer solstice falls on June 20th this year and what makes it all the more remarkable is that there is a full moon on the same day. This is an event that has not happened since 1967 and occurs only once every 70 years. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year with approximately 17 hours of light. The word solstice comes from the Latin solstitium meaning “sun stands still”. It happens because the sun stops heading north at the Tropic of Cancer and then returns back southwards. The summer solstice marks the official beginning of summer and has links to many ancient traditions which celebrate the day as a time of renewal, fertility and harvest. The full moon in June is called the “strawberry moon” by Native Americans as it marks the beginning of strawberry season.
What makes this pairing unique is the positive energy that we can all use right now. The summer solstice celebrates creativity and self-expression and  masculine energy. This energy is one of  motivation, action, and intention. It signifies a time to open our hearts and literally let the light in. Symbolically releasing the darkness of the winter and making way for the light of the summer. The full moon represents the time of the goddess, the feminine energy which reminds us to receive and allow things to come to us. The coupling of the Moon and the Sun, the energetic light and dark is a wonderful opportunity to examine your own life and see where you can bring it back into balance and create harmony.
June 20 is a great day to meditate outdoors if possible. Soak in the sunlight, the moonlight and allow yourself to celebrate this time of rejuvenation, renewal, and recharging!
Join me tomorrow on The Night Shift as I talk about this energy with renowned psychic Heather Hildebrand. We will be taking your questions in the chat and of course sharing the oracle card of the day!

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