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Jean Williams Makes Creativity a Family Experience

Jean “Notewell” Williams’ latest book “A Little More Cream and Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Little Angel speaks to the camaraderie of coffee drinkers, faith walkers and creative dreamers.  Williams is the maestro behind It’zzz Our Time, LLC.  The company carries the couture-inspired “Exclusively by Jeannie” ©Handbag Line, Bespoke parfum© as well as artful photography.  She and her husband Haywood have been married for over thirty-five years. Jean is the mother of five and Nana to fifteen engaging grandchildren. The Rickie Report has been waiting for Jean’s book to be published so we can share the details with you!  We know you will be enchanted.  Jean has several book signings scheduled locally.


“A Little More Cream and Sugar”

 by Jean “Notewell” Williams


Jean “Notewell” Williams is an inspiring entrepreneur, whose public platform is “Walking out your Dream” ©.  Williams’ latest book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Little Angel speaks to the camaraderie of coffee drinkers, faith walkers and creative dreamers. The book trailer may be viewed on YOU Tube and has been featured on National cable television sites such as Bravo TV, Entertainment, MSNBC and DISH in Chicago, IL reaching over three million viewers!

An ordained minister, overseas missionary and coffee lover, Jean “Notewell” Williams has traveled to 28 different countries including China, India, West Africa, South Africa and the Phillipines! As a church eldress and the former director of an outreach ministry organization Jean has brought hope, encouragement and the Word of God to prisons and jails, nursing homes and colleges and universities through radio, television and personal visits.

She is also an entrepreneur and owns ” Its Our Time”…a womens apparel, shoe and crystal studding business. Jean and her pastor husband for 25 years, Haywood, make their home in Florida where they continue their ministry at The Original Tabernacle of Prayer for All People. Mrs Williams is also heading a ministry to Pastors wives called “New wine for new Vessels”. Jean is the mother of five children and 11 grand-children. Mrs Williams has also penned her first book entitled “A Little Cream And Sugar: A Little Coffee Book for your Coffee Table”.


Follow the story of how the warmth and fragrance of coffee, a drink most of us take for granted, brings a family together through many generations.  At the heart of this book is Naliyah, a youngster battling a childhood syndrome.  While coffee exudes energy and zest, Naliyah’s  personality brings those same qualities to everyone who meets her.


Lil More Cream & Sugar Do you enjoy a smooth, full-bodied cup of coffee, luxuriate in inspiration or enjoy a good chuckle? Then say, yes to the book! Meet Naliyah, a stunning nine year old, multi-talented little girl who eludes sunshine and is overcoming a childhood syndrome. Sweeten your cup of life with A Little More Cream and Sugar, featuring Naliyah Nana’s Little Angel. The book’s treasure chest will uncover: • Jaffa/Cappuccino facts and trivia • Life Lessons • Captivating photography Mrs. Jeanette Strickland Professional Teacher – Timber Trace Elementary, Palm Beach Gardens, FL “Your story has a great beginning and I know that you have a story to tell. I’m not and editor, but I like the way the story started several generations before Naliyah’s story begins. Meeting Naliyah with her sweet personality and teaching her dad, drew me into wanting to learn even more about Naliyah. Thank you, for allowing me to peek into the beginning oflove and the struggles that one goes through from one generation to the next:’ Dr. Kaleel Moses, Chiropractor “This is an Inspirational book that makes you feel good about yourself!” Sue Phillips, Founder and President of Scenterprises, Former Adjunct Professor, Contributing Editor of Fit, Glow Beauty, Vuvuzela online South African and Happy the Trade Magazine “I hear your voice and who knew that Coffee could bring an entire family together and have so many health benefits. All one ever hears is how bad it is for us. The book, interspersed with loving quotes from the bible is very authentic. Maybe you should ask Starbucks to help you publish it or sponsor it for you. It should be sold in all their stores. Thanks so much for sharing:’

About the Author
Jean “Notewell” Williams is the author of several books, a world traveled missionary, artist and designer. She and her husband, Haywood, have been married for over 30 years. She has five children and 14 grandchildren.

Williams is also the author of “A Little Cream and Sugar: A Little Coffee Book for your Coffee Table,” among others.


0C154F7A-978B-EA90-B095E5DCC9A8A517.jpg.pagespeed.ce.8ZFGDweFjTJean “Notewell” Williams’ new book, “A Little More Cream and Sugar: featuring: Naliyah Nana’s little Angel” (published by AuthorHouse), speaks to the camaraderie of coffee drinkers, faith walkers and creative dreamers.

Williams was inspired to write by her granddaughter, Naliyah, who began a regimented medical treatment as a toddler with “prayer, courage and a vivacious disposition.”

Any reader who enjoys a smooth, full-bodied cup of coffee, luxuriates in inspiration or enjoys a good chuckle will enjoy meeting Naliyah, a stunning 9-year-old, multi-talented little girl who exudes sunshine and is overcoming a childhood syndrome. The book includes Jaffa/cappuccino facts and trivia, life lessons and captivating photography.

“We used a bitter – yet touching – cup of life and added a little more cream and sugar through the life of an endearing child,” Williams explains.


A Little More Cream and Sugar
By Jean “Notewell” Williams
Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 92 pages | ISBN 9781491822012
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Jean’s book is a family affair, reaching beyond this inspiring child.  Jean tells The Rickie Report, “All the art work in the book is by me except for a few crafts and designed apparel by Liyah.  There is a painting by her father. My other granddaughter Destiny, who is 14 years old, has an acrylic painting and an illustration in the book.  My eldest did the layout and text formatting”.

Jean “Notewell” Williams’ New Book Celebrates Coffee and the Perseverance of Her Granddaughter:

Customer Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Naliyah is Definitely an Angel!!!, January 19, 2014
This review is from: A Little More Cream and Sugar: Featuring: Naliyah Nana’s Little Angel (Paperback)

This book really blessed my soul!!
After reading A Little More Cream and Sugar: Featuring: Naliyah Nana’s Little Angel I realized that God still does work Miracles!!! Through all of her test and trials she still manages to smile, laugh, pray, be creative, be an inspiration and most important be a beautiful little angel. I would recommend this book to anyone whether you are male, female, boy or girl!! Whom ever read this book will be blessed!! I am ready for A trilogy from Mrs. Jean Williams and her Cream and Sugar;)

5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it with all my heart, January 18, 2014

This review is from: A Little More Cream and Sugar: Featuring: Naliyah Nana’s Little Angel (Paperback)
This little girl is ahead of her time. Smart, crafty and so precious. When I started reading this book I didn’t put it down until I was done and wanting more.(waiting for the 2nd edition:) I’m talking about laughs, cries, moments where I said to myself I shouldn’t have a worry in this world. Thank you Mrs Jean for my signed copy… I absolutely loved it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Just what the doctor ordered !!, December 1, 2013

This review is from: A Little More Cream and Sugar: Featuring: Naliyah Nana’s Little Angel (Paperback)
Just what the doctor ordered !!
I had the honor to meet Jean “Notewell” Williams the author of this wonderful tribute to her granddaughter Naliyah. Jean is full of life and happiness. Naliyah has been through a lot in her early years but remains very optimistic about everything !
If you get a chance pick this book up and enjoy some refreshing coffee !! Alan Vars – Creative Captures Photography


Jean will be available for Book Signings locally:

  • March – To Be Announced – New York City and North Carolina


At a Recent Book Signing in Palm Beach Gardens, Prosecco Cafe

At a Recent Book Signing in Palm Beach Gardens, Prosecco Cafe

Destiny Williams Acrylic painting

Destiny Williams Acrylic Painting. It took first Place for Watson Duncan Middle School  at ArtiGras, 2013

The author of several books, is also a world traveled missionary-artist who has captured some “Million Dollar” shots as quoted by the Palm Beach Post. Williams is the MGM of It’zzz Our Time, LLC, the company carries Couture inspired “Exclusively by Jeannie” © Handbag Line, Bespoke  Parfum © and stunning photography. She and her husband Haywood have been in the covenant of marriage for over thirty-years, the mother of five and Nana to fifteen engaging grandchildren.

untitled Beautiful  110 J N Wms.photophotoUntitled  1-7 shot by Rachael for J N Wms

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Mission Water (c) - Trinidad West IndiesThe two two Jean purses are the donationFor more information about Jean’s purses, parfum, photography or book please call 561-723-9328  or email

 She is available to attend a meeting of your organization for a Book Signing!
Jean’s book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” can be purchased through  Barnes & NobleBooks-A-Million ,

Jean is always growing and expanding her horizons.  She ends every email with the phrase “My Direction Has Purpose” and we believe it does! 


Also, check out the first book:


A Little Cream and Sugar

If you are a coffee drinker-or know one-this book is for you! You’ll learn some little-known facts about coffee, and you’ll hear from coffee drinkers around the country as to why they drink the delicious brew. But not only that, you’ll also learn about how to face challenges and difficulties and come out smiling and walking closer to God. In the same way that coff ee can be viewed as a dark and bitter liquid or as a favorite beverage, problems can either drag you down or catapult you to a feeling of accomplishment and joy as you overcome them. In this book you’ll find: Coff ee facts and trivia Comments from coff ee drinkers everywhere Counsel on facing diffi culties and overcoming them Favorite Bible verses to use every day “A Little Cream and Sugar delights both palettes,while enjoying your coffee, it delights your spirit.” –Evelyn Turnquist, Convening of the Evangelists “I’ve known Jean for many years and found her to have a heart and concern for people.” –Dr. M.Tina Dupree, President/Founder, Motivational Training Center “What an inspiration…” –Sarah A. Person Jean “Notewell” Williams is a pastor’s wife who has traveled the world, meeting and getting to know all sorts of people, including coffee lovers. With a heart for evangelism and prayer, she combines wit and wisdom in this book to provide encouragement and strength to help you overcome life’s difficulties.


From Jeans to Sophisticed Handmade Purses

photoJean “Notewell” Williams is a local entrepreneur, originally from New York State.  She holds two Associate Degrees in Secretarial Science and Para-Legal plus a Bachelor’s  Degree in Theology from the Tabernacle Christian University.  She is the MGM of It’zzz Our Time, LLC.  She founded and supports Nana’s Little Angel Fund for children with nephritis syndrome or cancer.  Jean has traveled as a missionary to 33 nations including India, Africa and the Philippines.  During her travels she captured some “million dollar shots” as quoted by the Palm Beach Post,  during her premier photographic Artigras Event.  She is currently working on two books about her travel experiences.

The multi-talented wife, mother of 5 and Nana of 13 is an inspiration to children, adults and international entrepreneurs. Jean will be releasing a new line of animal print purses soon.  The Bespoke Perfume “Nothing” (r) was recently formulated and receiving raves!

Sarahnewine-purse1Italian Clutch Handbag

my secret 2red pursemy secret   


Elegant Shower Caps to assist with CharitiesUnnamed for nowNothing Parfum

In addition, her products  may be found in Riveria Beach, Palm Beach Gardens,  North Palm  Beach and Tequesta, Florida. shops and boutiques.  Contact Jean at  561-723-9328 or email her at


A True Coffee Lover!

With inspirational thoughts on lifes’ issues, current events, coffee lovers and believers who “think outside the box” infused with prayers and sprinkled with humor, A Little Cream and Sugar offers hope, old-fashioned advice and biblical wisdom on our beverage of choice: coffee. By encouraging readers to have faith, hope and trust in God, the 19 readings in A Little Cream and Sugar: A Little Coffee Book for Your Coffee Table bring biblical truths to contemporary living…assuring readers that the Word of God is relevant all the time, especially today. Even in the middle of our most tumultuous times, it’s possible to experience uplifting joy, hope and faith-and enjoy a rejuvenating cup of coffee-with a Little Cream and Sugar!


For the Ladies….

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For the First Ladies!

New wine for new vessels is a ministry for the first ladies of the church. Often times we don’t understand the responsibilities and duties associate with being the “Pastors wife” and it can be more than a handful. This minstry is to help us to understand our place and to let us know that we are still ordinary people too. This balance can sometimes be challenging but with this New Wine for New Vessels we can “do all things through Christ”-Amen!

It’s Our Time; A Womens Appparel, Etc..

Visionary and Designer of “Exclusively by Jeannie Handbag Line”, Bespoke Parfum, Author of several books and additional literature forth coming.featured on various radio stations, tv and media around the country,and abroad, such as NPR radio, Palm Beach Post, Channel #25, Channel #13, 10, Zora Festivals, Artigras Palm Beach, Fla Atlantic University, Serving as an inspirational teacher/preacher/missionary to various organizations and ministeries, A missionary to over thirty three nations inlcuding, West and South Africa, China, India, Phillippines,Israel, South Korea, etc..Reaching out with two charities to children’s medcial challenges and National entrepreneurs and families abroad.

Inspirational Speaker, Missionary/Author/Designer/Artist


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