Talking to Mom On The Other Side

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and many of us have mothers that are no longer here with us physically. We yearn to talk to them and tell them one more time how much we loved them, how they changed our worlds, and how much we miss them. In a chapter of  Thomas Edison’s memoirs he talked about his ambition to build a device to hear the voices of the dead, which he called a “spirit phone.” He believed that not only was there an energy the survived death but that we could communicate with it if we had the proper tools. His dream was never realized but interesting that in the 1920’s he was pursuing that idea. Today there are mediums that profess to have the ability to talk to our departed loved ones and the idea of having that ability is appealing to many of us. This week on The Night Shift we are going to explore reaching out to people who have crossed over with an emphasis on mothers. My guest this week will be Laurie Barraco who is a practicing medium/psychic and has been doing so for the past 16 years. Ms. Barraco can not only talk to your departed loved ones but give you tips on how you can hear their messages from the other side. I too have had experience with mediumship and will share what I know. This is a not to miss show on a fascinating subject.

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