The Six Archetypes of Love with author, Dr. Allan Hunter

Join Nancy Ferrari and her special guest, Dr. Allan Hunter, counselor and Professor of Literature at Curry College in Massachusetts, and acclaimed author of several books, one of which is The Six Archetypes of Love.  With enormous depth of knowledge and clear insight into the human psyche, Dr. Hunter identifies six classic profiles of individuals in love:  the Innocent, the Orphan, the Pilgrim, the Warrior-Lover, the Monarch and the Magician and show how we can move through and become any one of these archetypes at different stages in our lives and our spiritual development.  Using examples from real life such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana; from popular culture, such as the Desperate Housewives; and from classic literature, Dr. Hunter helps answer universal questions about love and how these archetypes manifest in our love lives with the knowledge that love can never be far away.

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