This Week on Proceed and Succeed: How you can reduce on the job stress

Stress on the job is so interwoven with work today.  There is the stress that is brought on by the very nature of your job. There is the stress of being underemployed, not being happy in your job, difficult co-workers…I could go on and on.

This week, I have as my guest, Janet Pfeiffer, Pres., CEO of Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC.  Janet is a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, and Award-winning author, Radio host (on this radio Station) of Anger 9-1-1.  Janet is also a TV Personality: Fox News, CNN,  ABC News, CBS News, Lifetime, The 700 Club and more.

She is the author of The Secret Side of Anger and The Great Truth: Shattering Life’s Most Insidious Lies That Sabotage Your Happiness Along With The Revelation of Life’s Sole Purpose.

Janet will be discussing ways that you can reduce on-the-job stress.  This Show promises to be a powerful and very rewarding hour that you’ll not want to miss!

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