Thrive! Don’t Just Survive with Ali Bierman on The Nancy Ferrari Show

I invite you to tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on and as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Ali Bierman, author of “Thrive! Don’t Just Survive”.

Ali Bierman thrives following two Traumatic Brain Injuries that ended life as she knew it. In every moment she does what it takes to lead a normal life despite constant challenges.

A graduate of Duke University and Marymount University, this Best Selling author is listed in more than one half dozen Who’s Who books. Ali‘s background in psychotherapy, specialized kinesiology, art, music, speaking and writing compliment her skills as an ordained metaphysical minister. She eliminates the source of issues that lie deep in the subconscious mind.

She has been quoted as a Thrive Expert on the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal sites and frequently appears as a radio show guest.

Ali shares her journey in her newest book, CDS and DVDs, subliminal painting and theme song : THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive. Contact Ali and get her book, audio book, CDs and DVDs, listen to her song and take a tour of her subliminal painting – THIRVE! Don’t Just Survive – on her website at

Some of her best selling books include
– THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive
– What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know: How Your Brain and Mind
Keep You Stuck
– Mental Illness: Consequences When The Brain Misfires
– How To Repair The Top 7 Relationship Mistakes: Find Romance Now
– Recipes for Living: Fuel for Your Family’s Body, Mind and Spirit
– Stay At Home Mom: Lousy Pay, Lousy Hours, Priceless Rewards
– 17 Parenting Mistakes: What To Do Instead
– Parents, You Gotta Ask Questions: How To Build Adolescent Self Esteem
– Cat Lovers: A Story Just For You
– Christmas Art To Eat: Christmas Trees, Snowmen, Wreath and Greeting Card

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