Tuesday on W4CY RADIO

12:00 am9:00 am:      Rockin Tunes

9:00 am10:00 am:      Anger 911

10:00 am11:00 am:      Human Rights and Justice For All

11:00 am12:00 pm:      Alvis Sings Elvis – A Tribute to Elvis with the King

12:00 pm1:00 pm:      5 Minutes To Curtain – A Theatre & Arts Review Show

1:00 pm2:00 pm:      The Nancy Ferrari Show

2:00 pm3:00 pm:      Let’s Just Talk!

3:00 pm4:00 pm:      Proceed and Succeed, Fearless Business Success with Joe Graziano

4:00 pm5:00 pm:      In Your Face With Rebel Meddler

5:00 pm6:00 pm:      Be featured on iHeart Radio. Call 561-506-4031

6:00 pm7:00 pm:      The Adventures of Pipeman

7:00 pm8:00 pm:      FML – Friends, Music, Life Teen Show

8:00 pm9:00 pm:      Pursue Your Passion Featuring Michaela Paige

9:00 pm10:00 pm:      January Jones Sharing Success Stories

10:00 pm11:00 pm:      Karma Kitty Hour

11:00 pm12:00 am:      Music Playlist Tuesday