Turning Blue Sky Thinking into Green Pasture Action

Join us this Thursday at 5pm ET for the Future-Proof Workplace show!

“Blue sky” thinking is an essential part of innovation and necessary for every organization and leader if they are to stay ahead of trends. But turning that thinking to “green pasture action” can often be a challenge. Helping to align others around the “green pasture actions” requires a great deal of communication and personal commitment on the part of leaders. Leaders need to communicate regularly and consistently to help others see the possibilities and progress. In our experience coaching leaders, they often under-communicate and realize it when it is too late and the rumor mill has set in making it hard to get everyone back on the right track. Leaders don’t recognize how much communicating they need to do to make “green pasture actions” reality.

Liz Guthridge – Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

We are excited to have Liz Guthridge, author of Lean Communication, speaker, and an experienced change consultant and expert in communications who has been mentored by the leading thinkers in the field. Liz is also deeply steeped in neuroscience and has applied these techniques to the communication process. We will be discussing specifics about how to implement brain-friendly change communication strategies. She will share how to leverage cutting edge software to build collaboration and aid decision-making.  We look forward to having you join a lively and important discussion.