Two Tips from Ivo Degn

Yesterday, Nihar Suthar interviewed Ivo Degn on Incito. After being frustrated with formal education, Ivo left high school and hardly unpacked his backpack for more than half a year. He adventured around the world, and soon stumbled upon Knowmads Business School Amsterdam. He followed the one year program there. Doing so changed his life profoundly. He left Knowmads, convinced that more education of that kind should be available around the world.

Ivo provided two great pieces of advice yesterday:

  1. Always question everything. Ivo kept asking his teachers in school how memorizing theories and vocabulary was going to help him in real life. They didn’t have a good answer for him. Instead, they told him to “shut up and sit down.” As a result, Ivo took it into his own hands to find the answers to his questions. He packed his backpack and left to travel the world (with minimal money). This is how he discovered alternate sources of education. He found an education model where students could learn through experiences. It was a great fit for him, and he was unaware such a model ever existed. Ivo would have never found the answer to his question if he hadn’t taken the initiative to search for it. Thus, always ask questions, and seek out the answers.
  2. Never stop learning. Ivo pointed out that learning doesn’t stop once you leave school. Use everything in life as a learning experience. Ivo arguably learned more from his travels than his peers did in the classroom. He has failed too many times to count. Keep learning, and keep growing.
Ivo has never earned a formal degree or worked a 9 to 5 job.
Ivo has never earned a formal degree or worked a 9 to 5 job.

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