What is an Aura?

An aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds every human body, organism and object in the Universe. An egg shape, this energy field is approximately 2-3 feet around the body. It consists of different bodies:
1. Physical auric body – Which holds physical sensations such as physical comfort, pleasure, health.
2. Etheric auric body – Deals with our emotions with respect to self,  such as self-acceptance and self-love.
3. Vital auric body- Deals with the rational mind and helps us to understand the situations we are faced with in a clear, logical and rational way.
4. Astral or emotional auric body- Deals with our relationships with others such as our loving interactions with family and friends.
5. Lower mental auric body is where our Divine will is held. It assists us in aligning with the divine will within and our commitment to speak and follow the truth.
6. Higher mental auric body is the center of our divine love and spiritual ecstasy.
7. Spiritual intuitive body connects us with the divine mind which brings serenity and understanding of the greater universal pattern.
There are ways to sense your aura and where it is in relation to the body. In my workshops, I have my students stand with their arms stretched out straight from the shoulders. The hands are flexed with their palms facing up. In this position I ask them to close their eyes and see if they can sense any boundary there. It may be a feeling of pressure, a tingling, heat or cold sensation. Whatever way their hands interpret this is correct for them. If they are having problems feeling their aura I ask them to set an intention that their aura be exactly where it is meant to be. Sometimes our auras are too close to the body and have to be pushed out or too far out and have to be pulled in. Once we correct this the majority of students can feel something and are aware then of keeping this protective boundary in place.
Kirlian photography is used to take pictures of your aura. The colors present in the aura can be read by the practitioner who is taking the photograph. In my practice, I read auric fields and find that they give a fascinating insight into my clients. For example, if I see indigo around a client’s head it signifies to me that their intuitive abilities are open and being called upon. Yellow in the aura which may appear light in color indicates to me that there is a power struggle going on. This color signifies that my client needs to be comfortable to be in their own power. Green signifies healing to me and I usually see this color when someone is healing physically or emotionally.
Pictured here is a photograph I took of my mom years ago. I used an APP on my phone so it is by no means sophisticated but gives you a good idea of what an aura picture may look like. As you can see the color on her right is a pale pink. This represents love of all kinds and because we were at her great granddaughters’ birthday party I would say this color is present because of the great love she had for family. The lavendar on the left side signifies a daydreamer, signs of being in a wishful state. As you can see from her expression this does fit. My mom crossed over two years ago and I smile whenever I come across this picture as I feel it captures her spirit so well.

Auras are a  fascinating subject and will be the focus of this week’s,The Night Shift on September 6. Join me at 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific. I will be doing mini readings as well so it will be a jam packed fun filled show!

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