LADIES WHO INSPIRE, Friday, April 6th, 2:00 p.m. EST W4WN

Flo Bowen describes herself as a “poet and healer at heart”. One of her missions in life is to help you mend broken relationships through your words and the ones inspired by her angel and yours. If you are ready to reconcile with your loved one, or to express gratitude and love through poetry, Flo can help you do that. What a great show and great message for Good Friday! Flo, you inspire me!

In Your Eyes by Flo Bowen
In your eyes
I see myself,
I see my ancestors,
I see my friends,
I see the ones who are gone
whom I long to touch again… ✿

4.9.2012 “Cher”ing “My” Smile Guest Michael Unity Rosenfeld


Michael Rosenfeld

Michael is a life coach, transformational leader and speaker who delivers a high energy and passionate message that inspires people to realize their highest potential. Michael received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida and his Life Coach training through Coaches Training Institute. Michael is a certified NAAM Yoga Therapist. His unique, simple and practical formula for success assists individuals and groups to create the extraordinary results they desire. Michael uses Co-Active Coaching principles along with numerous techniques including Yoga, Mantra, Mudra, Eastern Yoga and Universal Kabbalah to lead his clients.

Michael’s desire to serve others comes from his own personal experiences. At the age of 14, he was initiated into a national gang with South Florida ties. His gang activity led to his being sent to Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Michael graduated with an honor roll, 2nd Lieutenant. Later he went to USF (Tampa) where he headed an Orthodox Jewish student group and created a boxing program for gang members.

In 1999 Michael left his position of Regional Marketing Manager responsible for marketing and promotional work for Seagram Spirits and Wine Division, and MCA Records so that he could pursue his life’s mission to elevate the human spirit.

In January of 2000, he founded Youth Expressions (YE), a 501c3 charitable organization which supports long-term growth and development of some of Miami’s most hardened youth.  The teenagers involved with the group learn to deal with daily challenges off of the streets by expressing themselves artistically, mostly through Hip Hop and spoken word. Recently they had the opportunity to perform at Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive College Summit.

In addition to coaching professional athletes, artists and executives, Michael is the president of Warriors of Light and serves on numerous committees that address community, spirituality and personal development issues. He is a founding member of the HIV national collation Connect2Protect through the University of Miami.


• 2012 recipient of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Awards

• Selected by Sustainitopia 2011 to receive the “Revolutionary Change maker award” for young social-entrepreneurs working every day to create an impact locally and globally.

• Chosen by 50 in 52 to represent the South Florida area in a search for people in America who are problem-solvers, idea-generators, and people in their communities, in their cities, and in their States who are moving America forward.

• Featured guest on Oprah Winfrey Radio -Interviewed by Maya Angelou.

• Special guest interview on Life Time Network’s The Balance Act.

• Recipient of The Arts and Education Inspiration Award presented by the Arts & Business Council of Miami. Inc., for the development of a groundbreaking or innovative arts initiative for Children or families.



TREATMENT S.O.S., Thurs., April 5th, 2:00 p.m. EST W4WN

We’ve recently talked about “what’s in our meats”, and now we’ll focus on what’s happening with our seafood. What are the safety factors we should know about our seafood supply? What should we know about “farm raised” seafood? My guest is Dr. Susan Shaw, founder and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute. Dr. Shaw is a marine toxicologist widely known for her research on the toxic legacy of man-made chemicals in the ocean environment. She is credited as the first scientist to show that flame retardant chemicals used in consumer products have contaminated marine mammals and commercially important fish stocks in the northwest Atlantic.