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special performance
Fri. Aug. 23
W4CY broadcasting live at 7pm

August 24 & 25
Saturday 2pm & 7pm
Sunday 2pm

 tickets to all five closing weekend performances
$12 & $8 juniors

“What a wonderfully fun and enjoyable show!”  Isabel Getz

“Sleeping Beauty was the perfect show!  I was laughing the whole time and loved all the sparkles”
Kennedy Smith

“Sleeping Beauty was such a cute show.  So full of sparkle”  Elizabeth Condon

Located at SOL THEATRE
3333 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33431


click link below to make your reservation and
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OR CALL 561-447-8829

OR EMAIL solchildtroupe@aol.com

and you can also find us on

Adoption Fair ad 2013


Invitation for Sponsoring the 2013 Animal Adoption Fair


2012 was a great year for animals in South Florida. New shelters have been approved and some are being built. The “Pet Trust” was passed by Dade county voters, and hopefully will come up to Broward and WPB counties soon. Plus our second annual “Animal Adoption Fair” was a great success. We filled the venue with 100 exhibitors, over 5,000 people, and over 200 animals adopted on the day!

We had lots of people shopping and roaming for pets and all the things that go with them! Some were original and quite unique…

And some were there looking for forever homes, just what you expected…

We have again booked the “War Memorial Auditorium” for Aug 25th, 2013 for the 3rd Annual “Animal Adoption Fair”. With your help this one will be even bigger and better than last year, and I’d like to get at least 300 animals adopted out this year as our goal! We are the only event that gives FREE spaces to 501c3 shelter/rescues and with your support we can keep that an ongoing tradition…

We have endeavored to make the nicest event without a lot of the frills that waste money. I like to get the best bang for my buck, and am used to working on a shoestring budget. I also manage to get good media coverage and the main sponsors get good exposure and have prime places on our programs, banners, flyers, and etc. We are looking for one sponsor to donate $1500 for our annual “Animal Crusaders Award”, where you will have your name on the check at the award ceremony, and on the plaque given to the recipient. They in turn, donate that money to their favorite animal charity. You will also receive a half page ad in our program this year reaching hopefully over 10,000 people on the day.

So far we haven’t had a “Main” sponsor, that is, someone to put up $5000 and have the event named after them. The 3rd annual (insert your name) Animal Adoption Fair. This sponsorship, and only one is offered, means your name is on EVERYTHING! You’ll be right at the top. You also will receive:

  • Choice of booth space(s) and placement at the event.
  • Anytime the event is mentioned in the media your name will be there too.
  • Mentions throughout the day at the event from the stage.
  • Logo and link back to your site on our website.
  • A full page ad in our program and website.
  • Receipt and Thank you letter for your tax-deductible donation.

Your donation will be used directly to cover costs of the venue, and is needed!

Other sponsor positions are available. We have the “Regular sponsorship” for a total cost of $1500 which includes:

  • Your logo on all printed materials.
  • You get listed with your logo on our website with a link to your website.
  • A booth space at the event with 1st choice on available spaces.
  • A ¼ page ad in our program and website.
  • A promo and mention of your spot from onstage during the event itself.
  • Receipt and Thank you letter for your tax-deductible donation.

We also have a “Patron” category for $500 available too. This includes:

  • You get listed with your logo on our website with a link to your website.
  • You get your logo on our program.
  • A 1/8 page (business card size) in our program and website.
  • A booth space at the event
  • Receipt and Thank you letter for your tax-deductible donation.

There is one more important area that needs funding. In order to entice people to the event last year I had to buy the “Parking” on the day from the city so that visitors on the day coming to a free event didn’t have to pay $6/car to park. This was a major out of pocket expense, and this year it would be nice if a corporate entity or generous benefactor would step up and cover this. The cost is $2500 and includes the attendants and security on the day. This would also include:

  • Your logo on all printed materials
  • Your logo on our website with a link back to your site.
  • A ½ page ad in our program and website
  • 2 promo mentions from the stage during the event.
  • A booth space at the event with your 1st pick on available spaces.
  • Receipt and Thank you letter for your tax-deductible donation.

Another Way you can participate is by donating for Ad space in our program.

The examples on the back page of last year’s program are all ¼ page ads.

Ad sizes and suggested donations are as follows:

  • 1/8 page (business card size) ———————$150.00 donation
  • ¼ page size ——————————————–$250.00 donation
  • ½ page size ——————————————–$400.00 donation
  • Full page ———————————————–$750.00 donation
  • All ad money goes to paying for the cost of the programs for this non-profit event, and will be considered a donation for tax purposes and will come with a receipt and Thank you letter as well.

The animals, adoption fair staff, and I thank you for your help and your support. With you we can make this the biggest animal charity event in all of Florida.

Yours for a better world



Brook Katz – organizer







2013AAFSponsorshipLevels_Page_3Pipeman aka Dean K. Piper, CST “DrMotivator” will be speaking at

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce Luncheon








Why go wild with blueberries?  If you want to power up your immune system, reduce your risk of heart disease, combat cancer and other diseases, promote healthy aging, load up on anti-inflammatory properties, promote improved memory, much less enjoy the flavor punch of fresh juicy berries in and out of recipes, then wild blueberries are for you!

“We’ve always known that fruits and berries, such as Wild Blueberries are good for you and now the science is mounting to prove it.”  Susan Davis, MS, RD, and Wild Blueberry Nutrition Advisor.  Co-Host, Carolina Jantac, RD (Kid Kritics Approved) and I look forward to divulging the truth about wild blueberries with Susan, our guest this week. Lots of recipe ideas too!

Join us in our Family Food Experts Kitchen, Thursday, Aug. 22nd, 1pm ET, www.W4WN.com.  See you then!

… for the health of your family,
ellen (host)
Family Food Experts.com


Pet Peeves: The Things That Anger Us the Most

I frequently receive emails from people upset about something in their life that is not going according to their plans. They scrutinize the behaviors of others and complain because people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing according to their standards. Some of the most frequent complaints I hear are:

Lying – this ranks as one of the top pet peeves for most of my clients. Those who deliberately mislead or withhold truthful information with the sole intent of harming another, protecting themselves or creating drama in your life. While some like the delusional sense of power associated with lying, not all misinformation is an actual fib. Sometimes, people share information they believe to be true for a variety of reasons. Either way, one must confront a deliberate untruth, ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of what really transpired, take into consideration the nature of the one relaying the information, and ultimately draw their own conclusions.

Hypocrites – those who talk and good talk but fail to live up to their own standards of excellence. Based in feelings of insecurity, hypocrites feel they must project a certain image in order to be admired, loved, or accepted by their peers. Many live in denial of the truth about themselves because facing it is too painful or frightening. Being transparent about your own imperfections helps them to feel more comfortable opening up about their own. Whether or not they are ready to face their own insecurities, it can prove beneficial to call them on their pretense and encourage them to be more truthful. Whatever the case, refrain from judging them. They are struggling with their own personal demons.

Unfairness – wherever did we come up with the notion that life is supposed to be fair? It isn’t. If I do good I’ll be rewarded. If I’m kind people will like me. If I work hard I’ll get ahead in life. No one is exempt from injustice and unfairness. We learn nothing from a life that is balanced and just. Inequity teaches us valuable lessons such as forgiveness, determination and fortitude, assertiveness, and much more. The concept of justice is irrational because we are a world of imperfect, troubled people making decisions that impact others. By that very fact alone, life cannot and never will be fair and balanced. Acceptance of that simple reality can alleviate a lot of frustration and anger associated with life’s inequalities.

Pet peeves can seriously impact the quality of our lives. Here are some tips to lessen the effect they have:

1. Each of us is struggling with personal issues and unresolved agendas. Be understanding and compassionate.

2. Not everyone realizes they are lying, being hypocritical, or unjust. Don’t be afraid to bring this awareness to them. Do so in a firm but gentle way.

3. Being transparent about your own issues allows others to feel more comfortable in your presence thereby encouraging them to open up about their own insecurities. Treat their act of trust with tender care.

4. Take everything the person says with a grain of salt. To know the truth, one must often research independently from multiple sources in order to obtain it.

5. Life may not be fair but I must be. It is what God expects of me and will serve me well in all of my endeavors.

Keep in mind that all that occurs in life has a higher purpose. Whether it appears in the form of lies, hypocrisy, or injustice each life experience is here to benefit us and those around us. This one simple truth will alleviate the anger associated with each of the preceding scenarios. No need to get upset over that which is here for our own benefit.

My recommendation? If you want a pet, get a dog. Let go of the peeves. You’ll be much happier. Trust me.

To order a copy of The Secret Side of Anger or The Great Truth visit http://www.pfeifferpowerseminars.com/pps1-products.html