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January Jones welcomes Curtis Kessinger with The Ultimate You: Achieving Greatness!


January Jones welcomes Curtis Kessinger with The Ultimate You: Achieving Greatness!

The Ultimate You

Curtis Kessinger

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I am the Founder of Success Minded Coaching and Consulting and the accidental author of two books: A Filmmaking book “Just Shoot It” and a Success book “The Ultimate You: Achieving Greatness” both of which I never set out to write.  I have worked as a stand-up comic, independent filmmaker, improv and voice-over actor, engineer, tax professional, etc.

Coaching:  Coached and consulted with Corporations as well as Individuals, Start-ups, Sales Professionals including Real Estate, Mortgage Brokers and Network Marketing, Entertainers, Writers and Filmmakers.  Working with a broad spectrum of clients has allowed me to develop patterns of success that are common in all fields.

My dream since my early teens was to be a stand-up comic.  I grew up about as far from Hollywood as one can get in Litchfield, IL, a small farming town in central Illinois.  From my early teens I loved watching comedians and soon began writing observational humor.  What could be better than making people laugh?  I spent my high school and college years writing and finally went on stage while in college.  After graduation I was working in St. Louis in the aerospace business as an engineer and performing stand-up comedy at night.  I soon took off for Hollywood after finding an aerospace job in LA.  I started hitting the LA comedy clubs and like most comics hoping to land that sitcom or film deal.  I also had an agent and was going on auditions.  I realized I needed to make my own opportunities so I started writing film scripts and learned all about filmmaking, working as a crewmember on numerous films.  The next logical step was to make my own films.  I made several films and gained valuable experience in the process, which led me to my first accidental book.

I chased after all these goals and they continually led me down different paths to different goals.  Goals that had never even crossed my mind.

Education: a graduate of Pepperdine University (MBA) and Southern Illinois University (BS Engineering), Filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, improv courses (UCLA & others).  Written, directed and produced two films and worked on numerous others.  Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).   Featured in Broker Magazine, Guerilla Filmmaker Magazine, Super 8mm Today Magazine and quoted in MovieMaker Magazine.

Currently have several films in development as well as my first stand-up comedy album.  Live in the Los Angeles area.



Dare to Be Audacious with Featured Guest, Michele Mattia on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you released your self-saboteur and allowed your WOW factor to come forth as you consciously create your dynamic and delicious life?   My featured guest on The Nancy Ferrari Show on July 19, 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET on will share her expertise and insights on these important topics.

My guest, Michele Mattia is a radio/media personality, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, certified life design coach and thought leader who truly walks the talk! She celebrates the divine gifts, talents and skills in everyone and is passionate about empowering people to play big while consciously creating the life they deserve.

Rarely at a loss for words, Michele would be the first one to tell you she was born with something to say!  Imagine her surprise when she slowed down long enough at a silent retreat just before her 40th birthday, to ask, “What would I do now if I knew I could not fail?” Little did she know that would be the beginning of a new adventure that saw her sell a successful Manhattan technology-consulting firm of 12 years and move into a life that honors her true purpose. Michele emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong focus on that precious time between arrival and departure from this world that so many take for granted. Her commitment to inspire, co-create and support her clients and audiences to tap into the core of their beings is powerful. One of her greatest joys is to watch as people discover the divine ideas, possibilities and dreams that they are courageous enough to demand.

Now a sought after and dynamic speaker, Michele believes we must embrace the knowing that we deserve to live a life we love. She understands that we don’t serve the rest of the world or ourselves by playing small. We need to be willing to say, “Yes! I choose me!”

Becoming a first time mother at 43 has blessed Michele in ways she could not have anticipated. “Here’s the thing,” she will tell you. “We need to stop being comfortable with being uncomfortable. When we say yes, when we align with our highest self, we ignite a spark and our good comes pouring in!”

Let Michele inspire your organization and watch the magic happen!