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Cory Williams

My name is Cory Williams and I am a writer/actor currently living and working in Los Angeles, California and seeking to spread the good word about my work.    Having moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California- the entertainment Mecca of the country- to be an actor, one could say that from one job to the next, I am still continuously pursuing the dream, one that is about the journey, not necessarily the destination.   

As a writer, my primary genre of choice is science fiction.  I’ve always believed that one of the most powerful questions posed in any language is “What if…?”  As such, science fiction- being the mythology of the modern age- is the perfect playground in which to allow my active and fertile imagination to run free. 

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January Jones – The Art and Craft of Writing

January Jones – The Art and Craft of Writing

Antoinette Kuritz


Antoinette Kuritz Book Developer, Publicist, Media Coach, author, Publishing Guru and  Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference …is up-to-her-keyboard in the art craft and business of writing.  Former educator and bookseller, Antoinette turned her love of words into a multi-media enterprise, taking writers from inspiration to publication; and representing authors from new to New York Times Bestsellers.
Antoinette has inspired Chicken Soup mogul Mark Victor Hanson, launched the national career of psychic medium John Edward, worked with Carl Reiner and Betty White.

January Jones & Yad,Yad,Yad,Yad World

January Jones & Yad,Yad,Yad,Yad World

Scott Stone

Scott Stone is a 35-yr veteran of the corporate wars, having worked as a senior financial and client services executive in such firms as MCI, Fidelity Investments and T. Rowe Price. He earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and an MBA, both from the University of Maryland.

It is from his experience as a dad, husband, companion, & sometimes sappy romantic, that Scott found his platform to write It’s a YAD, YAD, YAD, YAD World.