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Design for Health, Healing and Wellness with Nicole Cavanaugh

Tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show on Monday, April 21st, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET on W4CY Radio as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Nicole Cavanaugh, director of Cavanaugh Design Group, who designs for health, healing and wellness. Nicole is a member of the International Interior Design Association and a certified True Color Expert™. She not only chooses color that supports your needs and desires for the space, she uses and combines colors with a careful eye on undertones to create fluid movement, a feeling of support, peace and happiness in each room she designs, including her designs for Chemotherapy Infusion Rooms at Mammoth Hospital, California.

Nicole’s clients have shared that they feel a difference on a personal level, as well as a feeling of relief that their interiors are fresh and new. In addition to a beautiful, inviting, supportive space you will enjoy, some of the benefits include … Budget – a re-design around cosmetic elements like new furniture, paint, flooring, lighting, built-ins and added function and storage is significantly more cost effective than a full construction renovation, while giving you the most impact for your budget. More visibility and outreach – comfortable, inviting environments that feel good allow you to treat and see more people and hold classes and programs to increase visibility, attracting additional people each year. Satisfied staff – staff members who are happier overall with their work environment tend to stay with an employer longer. Less down-time – for our residential clients, we our cosmetic re-design can work around your treatment routine and any side effects you may experience. – See more at:


Tie a Knot and Hang On! Help has Arrived!

Have you heard about the new show on w4wn radio? Tie a Knot and Hang On!  Help has Arrived! 1pm et starting 4-23-2014! Join the show with host Camille. Tune in to find out more.