Yes … Fifty is the New Fifty on The Nancy Ferrari Show!

Tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show on Tuesday, May 20th, 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET on W4CY Radio ( as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Beth Portolese, the Publisher and Founder of When she turned 50 and got tired of hearing ‘fifty is the new 30’ she decided to create the website and embrace this time of life. Devoted to people who are middle-aged and those who will be there, Fiftyisthe offers witty and wise 50-friendly articles on lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness as well as middle age musings on other interesting topics.

Outside of the site, she has spent over 25 years working in Human Resources Management for a variety of companies including Radian Asset Assurance and Fedex, where she started her career as a delivery person driving a truck. Being in Human Resources has given her insight into people – the ingenuity, aspirations and madness in each of us, which is helpful in determining the direction of the site and what the site should offer to her readers.

In essence, middle age is the cocktail hour of life!

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January Jones – Legends of Oz! Greg Centineo

January Jones:  Legends of Oz with Greg Centineo


Greg Centineo


If Greg Centineo had a title, it could be catalyst for life change, project promoter or seeker of meaning. His career is indefinable, but a series of seemingly unrelated experiences brought him to where he is today: aiming to increase people’s wealth by raising capital for one of Hollywood’s most exciting and monumental projects, the “Legends of Oz” 3-D-animated-film franchise.

Greg was never interested in working in the space of filmmaking. Implored repeatedly over the course of months to conduct the funding by the CEO of Summer Entertainment, the film and franchise’s production company. He didn’t think movies were good money makers, and he was already involved in private-equity endeavors. But a “what if?” feeling prevailed and sleepless nights grew more frequent.

In Your Face

Join me and my  guest  Gary Sinclair on In Your Face  5-20-2014 at 4pm et. Gary is a Cyber Physiologist, Awarded honors as a recognized leader in his field,  he is also known for his dedication to helping others, and is a US National Amateur Senior Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion. You should check out Gary studied nearly every energetic healing modality. If you are interested in mind, body, and spirit work this is the interview you want to hear.  You don’t want to miss this show.