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Breast Cancer Awareness Day and A Special Birthday

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Today is a very special day.  We are celebrating Jane Garcia-Deale’s Birthday and observing Breast Cancer Awareness Day!.  tune in to all day for shows with a theme of helping fight cancer.

Tune in to for a SPECIAL LEGAL EDITION of "The Power of You"  with Bankruptcy Attorney, Alexander Kranz.

Special Guest, Nashville Recording Artist and Star Host of That’s Life, JD Danner will be a contestant on "Who Want’s to be a Monopoly Zeronaire" at 2PM today on W4CY Radio. Tune in to at 2PM ET today for fun and laughter.

Dean K. Piper is going to be a SPECIAL GUEST on TeaTime with Spirit at 3PM today.  Tune in to for the secrets to MANIFESTATION. Want to learn how to manifest the life of your dreams? Tune into TeaTime with Spirit on Wednesday, October 18th at 3:00pm EST – Go to to learn more!

It is Jane Garcia-Deale’s (cohost of the Power of WE) birthday and we love her (you will too) so let’s celebrate together and give her a great birthday. Tune in to The Power of We at 4PM ET on W4CY Radio at for possibly the best relationship discussions on radio.

Today’s topics: Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other holidays with your significant other. Talk about how to please the other person, bad and good gifts and ways to celebrate, why the other is sometimes disappointed. Knowing your partner or not paying attention making the difference of a memorable celebration or let down. Surprises. Is about you or them.  We also will discuss how relationships could be affected by Breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

A Great Human Interest Story

Hi everyone,If you missed last nights show( Monday at 9 PM) you missed a classic.Let me start from the beginning. Last week I recieved a call from an elderly gentleman. He was telling me that he is going to be 90 years old and it was also his wife’s birthday. He wanted to take her and her nurse, as well as himself, to the Lake Worth Playhouse to see the stage production of OKLAHOMA which is currently running there. Of course, much to his dismay, the theater is dark on Monday’s. He searched the Internet and found out about Peter’s Livingroom. So, he called me and asked how he could go about purchasing tickets to the show. After confirming that he knew it was a radio show and not a theatrical production, I invited them to be my guests on air. I immediately called the Playhouse and told them this srtory and requested that some of the OKLAHOMA cast come on this show. Lisa called me back within moments and said she had 3 of the cast coming in. I called Charles & Rita ( the elderly couple) and confirmed them as guests on the show. Well, 6 members from the cast showed up and we had a great time tlaking about the play, the actors careers and singing Happy Birthday to our guests. They were so pleased with the way they were treated, they couldn’t stop thanking us. additionally, we gave them 3 tickets to a future OKLAHOMA performance. I thoughtthey were going to have tears of joy! On that note, I would like to thank the cast and Lisa from the Playhouse for making this a memorable night for this lovely couple.Now, it’s tuesday and tonight we will have the colorful Joey George in the studio. If you are not familiar with Joey, he is an accomplished songwriter and musician. Performing all over South Florida. Originally from the NorthEast, you wouldn’t expect someone with his upbringiing to be such a Blues talent. Well, he is. Claiming he has an inventory of original song that surpasses anyone, he has just came out with a new CD. Tonight you will hear him perfrom some of his new releases and how you can get a copy. As always, we will also be giving out passes to the South Florida Science musuem and tickets to this weekends concert sponsored by Live Arts.Hope you will join me with my friends and bring lots of you friends too. Rememebr, Peter’s Livingroom tonight, Tuesday October 13th right here on