At last! You’ve been waiting all week. The debut of Chad & Heather Live Worldwide Concert Radio Show at 8PM on SPECIAL GUEST “Ruling Mercury”, an amazing instrumental and vocal band that has all original music within the Indie/Rock/Pop genre. Very different kind of sound…they are unreal!! You have go…t to check it out! Grab a beer, glass of wine, martini, or whatever your pleasure and kick back on the sofa this Thursday night from 8pm-8:50pm for a LIVE FREE CONCERT!! Make sure to log on every Thursday, same time, same place to enjoy a new LIVE BAND or ARTIST every week! Make this your hour of relaxation after a long week! Make sure you scroll down and click on the enter chatroom box to be a part of the show. You can chat with us live and ask the band questions! Too much fun to be had…so don’t miss it!! Look forward to chatting with you all!Read More

It’s the green edition of Pet Health Cafe’ on at 7PM ET

Tune in to a very important Get Real teen talk show on at 6PM ET. Topic: U.S. Healthcare…..What’s All The Fuss About &
What Can We Do About It Anyway? This week’s guest is Pam Bergsma who founded The Joey Bergsma Retinoblastoma Awareness Foundation.
Pam will be speaking with Rachael & Rachel about
how a test which can prevent blindness and the death of children is not being administered when babies are born…Why? & What some teens are doing to help!