The Knapster Show

I am a new show on internet radio. Previously I had my show on but moved here to stay in a more localized area. This show is on every Tuesday afternoon from 4-6PM and covers anything and everything about veterans, active duty soldiers, families, benefits, programs and events.

If you have an event coming up for veterans or a fund raiser or anything like that then send me an e-mail at and I will do my best to talk about it during my show. I will also be looking for guests to come on the show or call in to talk about specific subjects.

Listen in and help me to support our Veterans and our Active Duty military and their families. After the show is set up as The Knapster Show -” A Soldier Still Serving” and I am a Vietnam Veteran myself.

Green Thursday- OMg it’s Sept already!

WoW!!! It’s the beginning of September. A very special month here at W4CY Radio. Some key players here will be getting a year older this month!! As they say, things only get better with age. Do you agree? let me know your thoughts.

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Got any ideas on what to do or where to go? Check out Peter’s livingrrom at Noon and here Avi Hoffman( star of the upcoming ” 2 Jews Walk into a War ) and his thoughts on this weekend as well as his opnion on green stuff. Of course at 3 PM , Peter’s 4C show will have his thoughts on places he picked for this holiday weekends fun in the sun.

send us some thoughts of what you are going to do this weekend. We want to know-– or enter the chat room during the shows.


I read something today I thought was interesting concerning leadership. It talked about how good leaders seem to have an inner intuitive side to them and use it more when others shy away. The question is why do most shy away? It seems that many of us are “trained” to follow orders and follow along, while these leaders tend to do their thing, yet still listen to outside advice. The question becomes, how does one know when to drive in a direction and “follow your gut” and when not to. For leadership development assistance, go to You can also go to to sign up for weekly leadership tips and information just like this delivered to your cell phone.
Have a great week!

The book I was reading was: Mangement of the Absurd by Richard Farson