Hello to all the listeners of FanBase. This is the keeper of the blog Danny Ryde here to tell you what you missed on last weeks show. Last weeks show was a comic show and had only 3 hosts. Krysta was working for a camp run by her church so she was unable to make the show. However she will be on this weeks show. FanBase started things off like we always do with a blast of Sugar. We played Doki Doki Waku Waku from Oran Host Club, which was requested by our friend Sasha Beers. If you have a song from an anime series, movie or video game that you would like to be played send us an email at That song in my opinion was the most sugar songs that we played. It gave me cavities. What’s the most girly anime song that you have heard? After the sugar we did our news segment WTF NEWS. Our stories for the show last week were: “Robot Strangles Man”, “ATT Tries To Shut Down Parts of 4Chan”, “Suicide Club Sex Strangler Hanged” and “House Wife Charges Husband $40 for Lunch Box $50 for sex”. After WTF NEWS we played Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals from Spiderman 2.

We then went into our discussion which was The Difference Between Comic’s and Manga. Evil Jeff liked that with Manga every volume in a series is written by the same author until that series is done. Where as with comic books their could be different writers for each issue of a comic with a certain character and that can make the stories confusing at times. Big B likes the simplicity of the time lines with Manga. In Manga if you want to find some thing out you can just go to volume 1 of the series. In comic books if you want an explanation about something you either have to go back to the golden age of comics or the beginning of a particular story arc. I also like the simplicity of Manga but sometimes its fun to have an expanded universe such as the ones in American comics. What are your opinions on manga and American comics? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.After our discussion we played Shell by Bana from the anime Witch Hunter Robin. After the song Evil Jeff and I harassed Big B a little about his mom being in the chat room  then our special guest called in. Our guest was Mark McKenna, a cover artist and ink artist in the comic industry for over 25 years. He has done art and covers for Spiderman, Aquaman, Batman and other comics. He has worked for both Marvel and DC Comics and is currently working on his own self published comic Banana Tail. He was a real pleasure to have on the show also if and when he comes down to Florida he’s going to play soft ball for W4CY. Everyone has a favorite comic book artist. You heard about Mark McKenna why don’t you let us know who  your favorite comic book artist? After our interview with Mark we went into the Arcade Block. We started last week off with God Hand from the video game God Hand. Then we took a time machine back to the 1980’s early 90’s. We played the opening to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. then we played Vanilla Ice’s Ninja Rap from the 2nd movie. Finally we finished the block with the opening song from Ghostbusters. Was their a game or TV show or movie that you were obsessed with when you were a little kid? What was it and why did you like it? After that block we did our media releases and then went into Evil Jeff’s and Big B’s random thought of the day. This time their thought was blaming Dr. Manhattan and his blue penis for cancer. Finally we closed the show with the song Audience Killer by Dir En Grey. That was last week’s show of FanBase. If there is a song or a particular artist you would like to hear or if you have a topic you would  like to talk about email us at or check out our myspace page at myspace/w4cyfanbase and our Face book. Just go to Face book ant search for Fan Base. That will do it for this blog. Be sure to tune in this week at 4pm (Eastern Standard time) at for more FanBase

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