Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

I was going to write about something, but I can’t remember what. I got up at about 10 PM and thought I’d just take a few minutes to jot down my thoughts before 2 AM so I can go to bed early and get up like a normal person.

However, I cannot sit down at the computer without checking my email…talk about an addiction…and there was this email from my friend Elise Mercado with a youtube click in it. So, course, I watched it. And whatever I had been thinking about flew right out of my head.
Here is a guy who is saying out loud exactly the kinds of stuff I’m always thinking. I love it.
So watch the clip and see if you don’t agree with him.
I’ve got Thursday’s radio broadcast to think about. Anyone have a great business topic they think needs addressing on the air? I never seem to have trouble filling up 50 minutes, but I’m always interested to know what’s on everyone else’s mind.
If no one has anything earth shattering, I think I’ll talk about work and fun, having fun at work, working at having fun, knowing the difference between work and fun, knowing what work is, knowing what fun is, do they have to be different? See, I can just let my mind go and all sorts of things start falling out of my head. It’s a little scary sometimes. I’m glad no one can read my mind. It’s congested in there. And random.
I want to do a show on why we do things that we know are bad for us. I’m fascinated by the things that I do over and over that I know don’t serve me well and still I do them. I’ve stopped trying to justify it to myself…no one else cares…but it’s so weird to me. And still I do them. I get that we are all different stylistically, I’m not talking about that. I mean things that really aren’t good for me, physically, mentally, emotionally. And still I do them. What’s that about? Maybe it’s Jungian. I fall into the “do things because they feel good in the moment” archetype. There are people who I know don’t do things that aren’t good for them. I mean I actually know some people like that. Obviously I don’t know them well. They strike me as self-depriving, although that may be a part of my own unconscious (now unfortunately, conscious” justification for the things I do.
Big sigh. Not going to fix the my universe tonight. Hey, is that another justification?
Grateful for another beautiful day. I love thunder.

FanBase for 7-9-09

Greetings to all the listeners of FanBase.This is your keeper of the blog Danny Ryde. On last weeks show we opened the show differently instead of the dark choir music that we usually do. We opened up with an Aqua Team Hunger Force skit where Evil Jeff has me sexually assaulted by corn(the vegetable not the rock band). After the unwanted sexual advances of food, Krysta played our blast of sugar song which was True My Heart ,given to us by our good friend Jake who was supposed to be our guest host. Then we went into WTF News. Our stories last week were: Akiba Skirt Slicer Captured, Prisoners in the Philippines Learn to Dance, Japan to Start Gundam Academy and Japanese Women Crave More Sex. After the news we had a quick excerpt from our friend Jake who as I stated before was supposed to be our guest host. However a meeting came up at his work place and he was unable to make the show. He did however have a message for all our listeners and that message was you all LOST THE GAME. Then it was time to play Howling by Abingdon Boys School from the anime Darker Then Black. After the song we finally wrapped up a discussion topic that we had been trying to have for the last 2 shows: and that topic is Anime Club Etiquette. The basic rules are this, 1. Be respectful while the club is showing Anime, 2. Respect the officers of the club when they have an announcement to make and 3. Make an effort to make new club members feel welcomed.

After the discussion something amazing happened. Krysta and I got into a debate over the name if our next song. It was Stroke 9 kick some ass. She thought it was called how many people want to kick some ass and I thought it was just kick some ass. So Krysta looked it up and it turned out that I was right. I was so happy to finally be right about something. This little thing made my whole day. After my glorious moment went on to our main discussion topic which is Yaoi Fan Girls. Yaoi Fan Girls are girls who are obsessed with male homosexual relationships in anime and manga. We talked about our own experiences with them and what we thought about them and in the midst of the discussion we discovered that Krysta is not a yaoi fan girl. Then we played the Arcade Block were most of the music was picked out by our guest host ghost Jake. The songs we played were: Mortal Kombat theme from the Immortals, Di Ken Kai from deaths row from DDR and then there was the Mega Man Theme techno mix. Then we talked briefly about Heram anime. Basically we just listed reasons why we liked or didn’t like them. Also I couldn’t help myself. I promoted a new comic that some friends of mine and myself are creating. Its a Heram anime set in Hell. We don’t have a name for it yet but we will soon. We then had our media release and game cheat codes. Then we played Battle Without Honor from Kill Bill vol 1. Then we had Evil Jeff and Big B’s random thought of the day where Big B got assaulted by corn. We then ended the show with O2 by Orange Range from Code Gease Season 2. That was our show for 7-9-09. Be sure to tune in next week for more randomness and fun.  

Make sure to tell all your friends about Fan Base. Keep listening. Become a fan of FanBase on face Book. In the next few weeks we will start giving away some prizes. You have to listen to win the prizes.

Back on the air

So, on the air yesterday with Dean and Peter after being off for about three months. Felt really good.
Looking forward to next week and talking business with listeners. What would you like to talk about? Send in topics, comments, interests, pet peeves and we’ll see about discussing them together.
Read a little interesting thing today. On July 13th, the moon will be in the exact same position as it was in France on the night Vincent Van Gogh looked at the sky and was inspired to paint Moonrise. While it won’t look the same here as it does in France, it does seem kind of poetic to me and I’m going to make sure to keep watch for the moonrise here in South Florida.
I’ve had a really good week. I hope you have, too. What makes a good week for you? For me, it’s getting done the things that need doing, working with people who really want to be better at what they do, want to grow their businesses or are serious about changing careers. It’s being at the dog park with Hope a couple of times, visiting with people on the block and in the neighborhood, seeing a good movie, taking my vitamins. Nothing earth shattering and in fact rather mundane. What can I say? I’m easy.
Life is very unpredictable. We try to believe that we can control it, but really we can’t. Not even one little bit, but we can control our response to the things that happen to us and around us. We can be thoughtful about the choices we make. And we have to acknowledge that we make choices all the time. When people tell me they aren’t at work by choice I have to ask them who got them out of bed, washed, dressed, fed and out the door. Who got them to the door at work. Who opened the door and walked in. The motivation for why people are at work is as different as the number of people in the room, but everyone is there by choice. Hate what you do? Make a different choice or make it better.
We tend to give our power away and pretend that we’re victims when we aren’t. I don’t know why we do that. Maybe it makes it easier to stay where we are and not have to change. Change is painful…even good change is painful. Change means leaving something behind. losing something…even if it’s something we hate. I went to a leadership week once and the facilitator said. “All change is loss; all loss must be mourned.” I fought that, but now it’s almost 30 years later and I think it’s probably true. Patricia Sun says, “We are what we resist.” I absolutely hate to think that it’s true, but I know that it is. I know that when I am in resistance to someone or something I need to go look in the mirror and see what’s there.
For the moment, give yourself permission to just be. It’s Friday. Put the doing away. We are human beings, not human doings. Turn off the computer, the cell phone, the fax machine.
And Be.