3rd show and going Strong


Hey this is Danny Ryde, so last Thursday was the 3rd show of Fan Base and it went great. We talked about anime, reviewed comic books, gave out cheat codes for GTA 4 and reviewed the new Star Trek movie. The show is only getting better, because now we have a new co-host Krysta a special friend who i think of as my little sister.

As Dean puts it she has more wits than Evil Jeff, Big B and me combined. She really enhances  the entertainment and randomness of the show because even though she is quiet at times when she does talk you never know what she’s going to say. For example we were talking about the new Terminator movie and how we were lucky we weren’t going to see Arnold naked and Krysta said she would rather see Termanipples any day then see any of us naked. Krysta last Thursday came up with the newest internet movie term TERMANIPPLES. I wouldn’t be surprised if the phrase termanipples started showing up on message boards during the weekend.

For WTF news we read a story about the first Japanese astronaut testing stink free space underwear and how they worked. We also had a story about a doctor who during a female patients colostomy exam his hand “slipped” and the tube went into her vagina. He has been brought up on charges of sexual assault. Also we had a story how the anime boom seems to be coming to the end and some higher ups in the anime industry blame how many anime production companies are releasing to much anime at one time and people are becoming overwhelmed and how a lot of the anime shows are pretty much the same thing. So not only are anime fans being overwhelmed by so many new releases but they are becoming bored because it’s the same thing they have seen a million times before.

Toward the end of the show I sang happy birthday to Big B in Japanese as best I could. I also did another Joker impression. The best part of the show was when we reviewed the new Star Trek movie. The short version is that whether your a seasoned, die hard or newcomer to the world of Star Trek you will love this movie. The only negative thing to say about this movie is the camera work gets a little hard to follow during some of the fight scenes. However that is only a small thing compared to the grandness of this movie.

Finally a little inside into our next show, We may or may not have the owner of the Nexus gaming center on with us next time. We may or may not have a famous voice actor do a phone in to the next show. One final thing that I will tell you that doesn’t really have  to do with Fan Base but more with me Danny Ryde. Sometime in the future my two bosses Dean and Peter are going to have me dance with an 8ft tall grizzly bear, this is no joke its real and they are going to tape it so you can see it at w4cy.com. We don’t know when this is going to happen yet, but when we do we will definitely  let our fans know. That’s it! Nothing left to say till next week. This is Danny Ryde and be sure to listen to Fan Base next Thursday at 4pm at w4cy.com.

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