Peter’s Livingroom for September 28th – October 1st

9PM Monday Sept 28th

Easy Fast is wished to all our Jewish friends. WE will be playing a Best of Show. Our friend Rick Nelson was on and you’ll probably want to hear this show again. He’s not Ozzie and Harriet’s Rick, but he is Palm Beach County’s native son. If you’re a Parrothead, log on and become a fan of Rick too.

7 PM Tuesday Sept 29th

No better way to celebrate Peter’s Birthday than with the live performance in the Studio with the Incomparable Steve Minotti. Join us for a party!

Noon Thursday October 1st

Environmental News, Non-Profits and those who help make this a better and Healthier planet to live on. Listen in and learn of some good that’s being done by others and how easy it is for you to do your part

3 Pm Thursday October 1st

This is Peter’s 4 C edition. It’s about Culinary, Culture, Community and Conversation. We’ll talk about food. We may be eating food. Also you don’t want to miss “Peter’s Picks” for the weekend. Remember Peter’s 4 C- It is always about FOOD

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