Way to Go!

In case you haven’t received one of our recent emails, W4CY radio has recently been ranked 15th in the world of Internet Talk Radio. We are still #1 in Internet Talk Radio based out of West Palm Beach. This proves a few things that we have been saying for the past months. People are listening to Interet radio more and more each day. We are so proud of the diverse programing on the station and you, the listener, have proven that no matter what time of day, there is a growing loyal listenership on the Internet and specifically on W4CY. Our themed days have been getting national and now international attention. Whether in print, on television or over the Internet, shows with topics such as Woman’s health and Impowerment, Business topics, self and sales motivation, Pet health, Sports, entertainment and lots more, W4CY is in the forefront of this emerging media market. Thank you to our listeners. Whether you have been a loyal listener for months or recently became a friend of W4CY, we are happy you made us part of your daily routine. As far as our business advertisers and sponsors, you are the leaders in this 21st century mode of marketing and advertising. No longer do you need to find 2 or 3 stations to get your word out. Traditionally that’s what was needed to reach from Daytona to Dade or from West Palm Beach to Sarasota, or from the Jersey Shore to Connetticut. Cost cutting and time saving is one huge advantage of using W4CY in your advertising budget. So, whether looking regionally or globally, our listeners are there for you to talk to. Doing e-commerce with your business? Think about it. What better way to attract someone in far off lands to do business with than somone already on-line! Maybe you should contact one of the quakified staff members to discuss how you can take advantage of the exposure W4CY can give you. What? Thinking you would like to be on air? well that’s a possibility too. Promote your business and those you help. There are no limits as to what can be done. NOW IS THE TIME TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX. THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS PEOPLE ARE LOGGING ON-LINE( PDA’S, iI-PHONES, COMPUTER’S, AUTOMOBILES.ETC.) Don’t keep those blinders on. Give us a call or email.info@w4cy.com .
Now that you have read this and I have your attention, not only do we want you to become part of our business family, we want you to listen to our shows. Go look at our schedule on www.w4cy.com and I hope to see you in the chat room.

Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you soon

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