Are you in transition? Tips to make it go your way

There’s two sides to the transition coin.

And on today’s internet radio show, End the Job Search, Absolutely Abby talked with host Susan Rich about how to manage each one.
A recruiter herself, Absolutely Abby is committed to helping one million job seekers find their next job – in part by telling them how to go around HR pros like herself.
Susan teaches job seekers how to write a resume cover letter that helps them land that coveted interview.

The transition job that pays the bills

Temp jobs and consulting work: Seek out temp agencies in your industry and see if you can’t pick up some contract work. Same goes for consulting. We don’t mean start a new business as a consultant (unless you want to) — instead, look for short-term projects that keep you focused on your skills and top-of-mind in the industry.

The take a step-back job: From VP to IT support desk? Sure. You might have to convince the hiring manager WHY you are a good fit, how your skills benefit the company.
BUT, Abby says, if you have taken a step-back job at a different company, you might need to commit to a year. Try and match that promise, but if you do find that dream job in those 12 months, try to leave gracefully. The company — your boss — won’t be happy with you, but it’s also true that the days of company-employee loyalty are gone, so you need to take care of yourself first.

Transition into a new industry? YES, you can.

But you need a strategy. The reality: You are competing with people who already have the experience. It doesn’t mean you can’t compete, only that you have to be more creative in getting the word out about why you, and how you benefit the company, fresh perspective and all.

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