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biodynamic food

There is a “new” standard for farming. It produces what is soon to be more prevalently found in the market: Biodynamic Food. Some say this farming method and thus its end product is one step better than organic. Are you scratching your head and saying, “Wait a minute, I have just grasped an understanding for the value of organic food, now what?” Our guest, Elizabeth Candelario, Co-Director of Demeter-USA, a certifying body for dynamic farming and foods, is going to answer these questions and more. Hint: Biodynamic Farms are managed like they are living organisms. We are going to debate how this growing method differs from organic. Co-host, Stacey Antine, RDN (founder of HealthBarn USA and the Healing Meals Foundation, author of Appetite for Life), and I are going to explore this subject with Elizabeth as well as dig into the nutritional differences offered by Biodynamic Farming. Yes, there are Biodynamic products available to you now. Listen to find out which ones!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join Elizabeth, Stacey and me as we bring you IN the know about Biodynamic Farming! Thursday, 1pm ET, and

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