“CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest Diane Gianlorenzo

Diane is a Florida-based professional Psychic medium for people and pets, also known as an animal communicator. She communicates with spirits on the other side and still in body. Through her galleries and phone sessions she brings audiences and individuals messages from their deceased loved ones (both human and pets) as well as communicating with animals still living. Her straight-forward non-censored messages give you the full experience of speaking directly to those you wish to. While audiences throughout Florida are amazed by her abilities, she maintains that we all have these abilities and it has been her calling to develop hers. Diane offers one on one phone sessions throughout the U.S. and audiance-style galleries in Central Florida where she resides with the love and light of her life; Poochie and Maxwell for more information please visit: www.DianeGianlorenzo.com or call her office: 386-308-1356

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