Boston Bombing Can Trigger More PTSD

There’s no escaping trauma in the world today. Bombings, hurricanes, wars, domestic violence, gangs – it’s everywhere you can imagine. Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event can put an individual at risk for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Any real or perceived threat to oneself or another can trigger a traumatic response.
Once limited primarily to those returning from war, we now know that a child being bullied in school, a witness of a violent crime or a survivor of a natural disaster can all suffer the devastating effects of PTSD even years after the event has occurred.

Here are some warning signs to be aware of:

nightmares ~ hyper vigilance ~ panic attacks ~ avoidance of certain places, experiences, or situations
flashbacks ~ feeling emotionally numb ~ hopelessness about the future ~ memory problems ~ difficulty concentrating ~ relationship issues

These symptoms can be debilitating and seriously impact the quality of one’s life. But PTSD is curable and Dr. Perry uses many natural and spiritual modalities to achieve this. She recommends the following:

Reach out for support from friends, family, and support groups. Include counseling as a part of your treatment.
Hypnotherapy, guided meditation, Reiki, healing touch, and other energy modalities have all proven very effective.
Keeping a journal is very therapeutic as it allows one to identify and process many emotions that may otherwise lie suppressed within the mind.
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is one of the newer and very promising methods of healing PTSD.

Whatever method you choose, know that one does not have to be held captive to a past experience, no matter how terrifying. Healing is possible. Everyone deserves to fully enjoy all the wonders of life.

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