CAREGIVING S.O.S. on Wed., Nov. 16th, at 2:00 p.m. EST

With the holidays approaching, there will be much more to do than is humanly possible for the caregiver. Add to that many natural fears and emotions, if you believe that this may be the last holiday for someone you love. Anticipatory grief is an unwelcome visitor. I know this very well, since last year was the last season for my own, much-loved mother. So, how can you get past your turbulent emotions, and make the holidays special even though it’s difficult? My very special guest for this show will be Neysa Peterson, a nurse and MS in counseling, and the co-author of my fourth and fifth books. Neysa will give pertinent advice on how caregivers can keep their emotional center and make the holidays special for your loved one and family.

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