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Sometimes, if your name is on a product, you’ll do anything to make sure you own it. That’s certainly the case with Champagne Taittinger, the venerable producer of one of the world’s most sought after sparkling wines who famously in 2005 lost their interest in the family winery only to buy it back in 2007 after much resulting debate within the Champagne community (and wine-drinking public) over what parameters constitute the foundation for making Champagne what it is.

Yet, for all the news that story generated, it’s the wine and family behind it that is what keeps Taittinger on tongue’s tip year after year. For the House of Taittinger, founded in 1932 by Pierre Taittinger when he purchased an estate in Reims that had been producing Champagne since the 18th Century, is arguably one of the great producers of true classified Champagne in the world.

Taittinger is now run by third generation family member Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, son Clovis and daughter Vitalie, who as Artistic Director and Global Ambassador is the public face and oversees all creative and public endeavors for the House, which along with the usual, also include sponsorship of non-wine industry events like this month’s SAG Awards in Los Angeles where 600 bottles will be uncorked.

Vitalie, Pierre-Emmanuel and Clovis Taittinger
Vitalie, Pierre-Emmanuel and Clovis Taittinger

As with most Champagne houses, Taittinger produces a well-rounded line of Champagnes, including a non-vintage Brut (made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier); and their flagship Comtes de Champagne, made only in the finest vintages and available in both Blanc de Blanc (Chardonnay only), and Brut Rosé (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir). It ranks third in amount of vineyard holdings with about 750 acres.

Champagne Taittinger

Known for its pale colors and lively finesse, Taittinger, with its lighter, less oaked style, is considered one of the more versatile Champagnes on the market and fits into almost any setting. An everyday champagne? Well, maybe the Brut, but the Comtes is a Champagne to savor and celebrate those most serious milestones, like a romantic Saturday night at home by the fire – or New Years Eve, of course.

Do you know who the blonde woman is in this iconic Taittinger poster?
Do you know who the blonde woman is in this iconic Taittinger poster?

Vitalie Taittinger joins us January 27, on The Connected Table LIVE.  With a degree from the Emile Cohl School of Design in Lyon and passionate about drawing, painting and design, Vitalie formed her own business promoting clients in the Champagne and gastronomy sectors, then joined Taittinger in 2007. Today Vitalie uses her artistic talents in the marketing and communication department at Champagne Taittinger. Her mission: to develop and reinforce the image of the Champagne house through its visual identity, design and public relations. She lives in Reims with her husband and children.

Vitalie Taittinger
Vitalie Taittinger



Twitter: @TaittingerUSA

U.S. Importer: Kobrand.

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