“Cher”ing “My” Smile Moving to W4CY Radio with a SPECIAL Parenting show

Parenting issues? Please join Cheryl Resnick and her guest, Rebecca Matte, a registered mental health advisor as we discuss parenting issues of today. Monday, 1.23.12 at 3:00 PM EST-4:00 on “Cher”ing “My” Smile on W4CY Radio. Just click on the link and join in the fun! Loved to hear your smile!

Rebecca L Matte, is a registered Marriage and Family therapist intern in the state of Florida and National Certified Counselor. She currently works at Parent-Child Center, Inc in the Early Childhood Services. She also volunteers her time at the Association for Community Counseling working with Couples, who participate in Marriage Counseling. Rebecca specializes in Infant Mental Health, Play Therapy, Reiki therapy and working with couples, families of all stages. She primary works with children from age 0-5 and their families but as worked with all ages over the last five years in the Palm Beach County.


  • Explain current job with Parent Child Center, Inc & what the Association for Community Counseling
  • Talk about what is Infant Mental Health & Why is it important
  • Important aspects of parenting
    • Relationship
    • Quality time
    • Discipline
    • Coping skills
    • Resources
  • Other disciplines
  • Projects
  •  Contact

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